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“As the twig is bent, so grows the tree.”  One way to interpret this quote from Alexander Pope is to understandhow events that occur early in our life truly shape our adult years.  This is exactly the case when it comes to the developing spine.  The bones of the spine do not entirely fuse into hard structures until the age of approximately 20 years old.  Prior to fusion the bones are made from cartilage, like the tip of your nose.  This is a huge advantage for a human being that takes countless falls during the learning to crawl, walk and run phases of life.  However, despite this advantage sudden trauma through sports injuries, slips, falls, car accidents and now repetitive exposure to poor postures while using tablets and phones cause the young spine to misalign.  When this alignment problem begins early in life the likelihood that it will progress into a chronic condition increases significantly.  Structural problems such as scoliosis, leg length differences, and severe upper back rounding are common outcomes.  Another condition known as degenerative disc disease, which was previously thought to only exist in people after the age of 40, is now being found in 10% of ten year olds and 37% of 20 year olds.   Symptoms such as headaches, sciatica, neck pain and slipped discs as well as sinus problems, digestive issues and asthma can all be directly tied back into a chronic spine problem.  Traditional, adjustment only chiropractic, has been effective in providing only short term relief of the aforementioned symptoms.  Luckily, through state of the art treatment methods such as the use of specifically recommended spinal traction in the office and at home spinal traction, patients of Shea Family Chiropractic not only resolve these conditions during their formative years but maintain the correction for the rest of lives.  A common question I receive from patients is when can my son or daughter begin traction?  The answer is around the age of eight.  At this age they are able to lie still long enough to create lasting change to the spine.   By using an at home Pediatric Denneroll (the name brand) a child can work to correct or ideally maintain their spinal alignment which results in significantly better health and reduced susceptibility to disease for the rest of their life.  To find out if your son or daughter would benefit from the use of a Pediatric

These yummy and kid-friendly bars are the perfect on-the-go snack for a busy family.  Not only are they packed with vitamins, minerals and wholesome nutrients, but they're also super easy to make, versatile and cost-effective compared to protein fruit and nut bars from the grocery store. Also, they are picky-eater approved! I love making protein packed fruit and nut bars at home because I know exactly what ingredients go into them.  In our modern society, convenience foods such as protein bars and granola bars can be filled with a ton of artificial ingredients, preservative and fillers.  Growing children can be sensitive to these additives in food, which can ultimately affect their behavior and development. When shopping for the ingredients, look for food labels where the only ingredient is raw almonds (organic is best) or unsweetened cherries. Watch out for added sugars and hydrogenated oils. You can make these bars with or without the collagen however, I recommend including it as one scoop provides nine grams of protein.  We love Collagen at SFC and our patients and clients have reported dramatic improvements in their hair, skin, nails, digestion, joint health and sleep.  Collagen also helps keep bones strong and healthy which is extremely important for growing children.  We fully support Vital Proteins Collagen at SFC as it is sourced from grass-fed, pastured-raise bovine hides.  It is tasteless and dissolves in both warm and cold water, which is why we love adding to food and liquids.  We have collagen canisters and samples in stock at SFC, so come on by and find out for yourself why we are crazy for Collagen! 10-12 servings 2 cups raw almonds 14-16 pitted dates 1 and 1/3 cup unsweetened cherries 4 Scoops Vital Proteins Collagen 2 tsp cinnamon 1/2 to 2/3 cup water In a food processor or high-speed blender, combine almonds, dates, cherries, cinnamon and collagen Slowly add in the water a little at a time until the mixture begins to form and clump together Line an 8x8 baking dish with parchment paper and press mixture into the dish Place in refrigerator for 2-3 hours to firm up.  Use knife or pizza cutter and cut into bars. Store in sealed container in fridge.

Our world has made it normal for a child to stare at an iPad for 8 hours starting at the age of 6.  It is normal to watch teenagers slug down Starbucks every day after school.  It is even normal to discourage a child from thinking on their own and to support a herd mentality.  This environment, along with tons of other examples, shows why our children are being medicated, seeing child psychologists and experiencing spinal degeneration on alarming levels.  Although these problems are substantial, I am mainly concerned that our youth are never taught to encourage their bodies innate ability to heal and express health.  Without this single philosophical understanding, the next generation of human beings will be 100% dependent on Big Pharma and crisis care. In contrast to this bleak future, children who are being exposed to chiropractic care that focuses on holistic and natural health are expressing their true genetic potential.  Where chiropractic children learn about healthy posture and strategies to maintain their spinal structure, their classmates focus on accumulating screen time.  Where chiropractic children are taught that food is used to fuel a strong, active body, their classmates are addicted to sugar, energy drinks and fast food.  Where chiropractic children are taught to think for themselves and question conventional wisdom, their classmates are encouraged to never question authority and assume someone else has chosen what is best for everyone. To provide your son or daughter with the biggest advantage, the gift of health for the rest of their life, make an appointment for them with your local chiropractor who focuses on lifetime wellness care.  For stockpiles of research articles on the effectiveness of pediatric chiropractic as well as a directory of chiropractors specifically trained to work with children, please go to the ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association) website at or call (858) 312-5066 to speak with a representative from Shea Family Chiropractic who will assist you in finding a chiropractor for your children near you.