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Distraction. Living in the future. Living in the past.  The overwhelming majority of people suffer a massive reduction in happiness, focus, productivity and quality of life because they cannot maintain present- time consciousness.  I am a perfect example of this problem.  I am constantly looking ahead towards my goals and constantly looking behind in order to see how I have done previously.  Although thoughts of the future help to guide your actions, the only time we actually have control over is the "here and now."  A great friend of mine told me, "Thoughts of the past create depression and thoughts of the future create anxiety."  There is no wonder why these are the two most common mental health issues.  The good news is

Summer is winding down and many of our SFC families will soon be swapping beach gear for school gear as the academic calendar starts up once more. For all of the parents out there, I know this can be a chaotic time: rallying the kids once more for those early mornings, preparing lunches and outfits, and mobilizing everyone out of the house on time for school and work. However, incorporating a few mindful practices into your daily routine can help transform the process from chaos to smooth-sailing. Mindfulness Tip #1: Wake up 5-10 minutes early to meditate I know, I know