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Exercise equipment I am loving: CycleOps Fluid 2 Bike Trainer Darkness, cold and safety concerns were all reasons why I decided it was time to take the plunge into investing in a bicycle trainer.  If you are unfamiliar with this product (like I was until about 6 months ago) it is a device that allows you to ride on your own bicycle, mountain or road bike, but in doors and in place.  Think, the poor man's Peloton.  I like the idea of being able to use my own bike because the fit is correct.  I found this used product on Craigslist for about $100.  My hope is that by being able to get more frequent riding, it will allow me to be more comfortable during longer, more grueling rides.  If you are looking for a way to burn a ton of calories, sweat a bunch and not leave your house, this one might be for you! App I am using: Zwift If riding your bike in your garage for hours on end sounds like a slow painful death, your right!  To the rescue comes Zwift!  An app that can be used on a desktop or mobile device which makes your bike training a game.  Creating your own Avatar, choosing where in the world you would like to ride, unlocking cool jerseys and competing against other people worldwide are all ways to make your experience better.  In order to hook up the aforementioned trainer to a mobile device running Zwift make sure you have a "speed sensor" that has Bluetooth capability such as the one I got from Wahoo.  The sensor connects to your back wheel and wirelessly sends data about your speed to your mobile device.  Zwift is $15 a month and the speed sensor is a one time purchase of $40.  Happy Riding! Quote I am pondering: "Success isn't always about greatness.  It's about consistency.  Consistent hard work leads to success.  Greatness will come." ~Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Creating habits, finding your why, being brave and showing up even when you don't always feel like it are all keys to building the life you desire.  These concepts all contribute to consistency.  By producing the behaviors of the person you desire to become REGULARLY you actually become that individual.  This is the process of transformation that we all seek.  Get clear about who you want to be, identify their core behaviors and commit to consistently taking actions consistent with

Strategy I am utilizing: Goal Group Have you ever noticed that you are more productive, stay better engaged and have more fun doing things in a group?  If this sounds like you, I have a strategy that could make achieving your goals for 2021 much more likely.  It is called a goals group.  The idea is to find a collection of people (I recommend anywhere between 1 up to 5 other people) whom you trust and meet with them on a regular basis in order to help each other gain greater levels of success.  I recently did this with a few guys and had an enormously productive session.  We covered topics such as health, spirituality, family, mentors, mindset, business and finances.  I suggest that you do NOT include competing individuals in order to eliminate any bias or withholding of information.  The more transparent you can be, the better your discussions and breakthroughs.  Our group has decided to meet once a quarter for a longer session and once every other week via Zoom to maintain accountability.  If you need help setting this up or are looking for other folks who might be interested in starting something like this, please reach out to me and I will try to find another Aligned Life community member for your group! Book I am raving about: Traction by Gino Wickman Over my career I have read hundreds of books on how to run a company.  This book by Gino Wickman is one of the top five I have ever reviewed.  The reason I enjoyed it so much was that I found the information to be highly implementable.  If you are looking to get organized, make sure you have the right people on the bus and keep your whole team on the same page, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of Traction! Quote I am repeating: "Problems are like mushrooms: when it is dark and rainy, they multiply.  Under bright lights they diminish." ~Gino Wickman in Traction In order to produce great results in your relationships, finances, business or health a lack of awareness can be a killer.  These "blind spots" are where your future problems fester.  The more you actively seek out the problems in ALL areas of your life rather than turning a blind eye to them, the more you will avoid catastrophic damage.  By creating clarity, setting up metrics, having a meeting rhythm and taking responsibility you can

Book I am hearing: White Fragility by Robin Diangelo I was recommended this book by a fellow Aligned Life'er (Thanks Victoria!) due to my goal of trying to be more aware of what I could do to help improve racial equality in my community.  If you, like me, have said, "I don't see color, I just focus on being a good person" or you consider yourself to be a white progressive individual then WE are at the heart of the race problem in America.  It is also our responsibility to get educated, become more aware of ourselves and our environment and to do better for humanity.  Through a better understanding of how America was created, defining terms such as "prejudice" and "racist" as well evaluating the systems designed to give someone with white skin an advantage, I have learned a ton about how to discuss this topic in order to encourage improvements.  This is a timely must listen for 2021! Stimulus money ideas I am using: Did you get a nice chunk of change in your account recently from the government?  If so, here are a few things I would encourage you to use the money on besides an impulse buy at Target. 1.) Pay off debt 2.) Invest 3.) Put the money in a rainy day fund (war chest) 4.) Buy a sit/stand desk 5.) Put the money towards a whole house water filtration system 6.) Purchase a package of massages to use once a month 7.) Take a road trip 8.) Buy a bike 9.) Invest in your hobbies 10.) Purchase your chiropractic care for 2021 (I know I am biased

    Ladies and Gentlemen we made it to 2021!  If you are reading this, pat yourself on your back because you have just navigated one of the most mentally challenging years in the last few decades.  That being said, I am so excited to once again, partner with you in working towards your life and health goals this year.  I am also thrilled to announce the Aligned Life Chiropractic and Wellness practice theme for 2021 which is, "Own What You Can Control".  This theme means to me that in this year we really need to identify what things in our lives we can control and what things we cannot.  Once that is clearly understood we can then take the next step towards creating extreme ownership over the things in our domain  Through goal setting, action step development, delegation and daily task commitments we will march our way towards the life we desire.  This is such a timely concept because right now there are so many things that affect us every day and yet many of them we cannot control.  By being swayed by external forces we can easily fall into the trap of feeling removed, helpless and stuck.  I hope by getting exceedingly clear on what we can control it will provide a great amount of clarity for where you place your energy over the next 12 months.  Think of your focus like the rays of the sun.  Without a specific direction the energy is dispersed in an infinite number of directions.  However, when a magnifying glass is held up and the light is directed into one small area, the intensity of that energy is increased exponentially and things heat up.  By developing greater clarity of what we can control and taking action on these items we become the magnifying glass and make deliberate choices as to where we are aiming our most intense energy.  This allows us to not just be busy, but instead become highly productive.  With time being a premium, this subtle difference can allow us to remain in a peaceful place while simultaneously increasing the value we deliver to the world. From a chiropractic and health perspective the way we integrate this concept into our daily lives is through identifying a few key areas we would like to place our focus.  Whether this is working on your body position habits, creating a daily exercise routine  or by making all of your appointments for