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Financial strategy I am using: Cash For Eating and Drinking In an effort to tighten the reins on my financial life and move some of our resources into other areas, my wife and I have decided to go back to carrying cash.  We have decided to cut 20% from our typical monthly expenditure on eating and drinking.  To set this up successfully we track all of our spending on Quicken.  We then took out 80% of what we normally spend in a month and divided it evenly between us.  There are a few additional benefits to using cash; 1) when it is gone it is gone for the month. 2) When you are spending cash you can eliminate the guilt often felt because you know that it has been allocated for that type of expense.  3) You inherently become aware of your spending habits and eliminate the "just put it on the card" mindset.  If you are looking to become more free, by becoming more disciplined in your financial life, this is a great strategy to try!  For more information on how to do this, check out Dave Ramsey's reference called The Total Money Makeover. Book I am hearing: Great By Choice by Jim Collins and Morten Hansen Authors of "Good To Great" and "Built To Last", this writing consists of research done on companies that, despite experiencing the same uncertainty, chaos and luck of other companies in the marketplace, thrived.  The easy to understand, focused and research backed approach to running companies during trying times is a great reference for anyone looking to create an enduring entity! Quote I am saying: "Regardless of the external environment the most productive thing you can do is manage yourself." ~ Devin Shea This weekend I took a friend of mine to La Jolla Cove for a swim.  He had not done ocean swimming before and I was excited to share what I had learned over the past two years with him.  Unfortunately, when we arrived we saw that the surf was really big (6-8 foot swells).  As someone who had grown up in San Diego surfing, I knew he could handle himself in the water, so I decided he would be ok.  I knew that the hardest part would be the first 2 minutes of trying to get out past the big waves.  The initial shock of the cold water, the inability to see in the water, the big waves crashing and your

Book I am reading: Be Here Now by Ram Dass After hundreds of psilocybin trips, being a Harvard psychologist, an adventure in India and finding a guru named Maharaj, Ram Dass (formerly Richard Alpert) became a spiritual teacher in America.  This book is a description of his spiritual journey and acts as a "how to" playbook for developing your spiritual practices.  Ram Dass also has a podcast which offers recordings of his old teachings that I have been enjoying as well.  Check them out here. Video series I am recommending: 5 Pillars of Chronic Disease Last week, I completed a six episode video series on the five types of changes to your body function that lead to 80% of the deaths in the United States.  The five changes include; chronic inflammation, increased stress hormones, insulin resistance, decreased sex hormone binding globulin and decreased immune function.  Each of these conditions is discussed in detail throughout the video series including holistic strategies to help eliminate chronic lifestyle disease.  Click on the link above to check them out and make sure to subscribe to the channel for the latest updates! Quote I am loving: "Cosmic humor, especially about your own predicament is an important part of your journey." ~ Ram Dass in "Be Here Now"This week, after obsessing over something that was not very important, I really needed to hear the above message.  I believe that one of the best strategies for having a good relationship with yourself is having a sense of humor. You must be able to laugh at yourself.  It always seems that the people who can find their own thoughts and actions hilarious, are having the most fun.  This week, don't take yourself too seriously.  Find the humor in your daily life and enjoy the inherent relaxation associated with this practice Have a kick ass week everyone! In Health, Dr. Devin Shea, DC

Research article I am pondering: Biomechanics of Scar Tissue and Uninjured Skin Corr and Hart: Feb 28, 2013 Advances In Wound Care, Vol 2, No 2. "Skin exhibits direction dependent biomechanical behavior."  This quote, states that the fibers of the soft tissues in our body align in a certain direction based upon how we move and our body position habits.  This means that when we provide our body with regular, (multiple times per day) full body range of motion exercise and chiropractic adjustments we allow the soft tissue to directionally encourage optimal performance.  If, on the other hand, we are sedentary, experience injuries that go unhealed or maintain poor postures we allow the soft tissues to directionally encourage further disease and lowered function.  Of course, as always, the choice is yours to either experience the discomfort associated with going after creating the life you desire, or the discomfort of slowly losing your freedom due to loss of health.  Choose wisely! Video I am watching: Transform Yourself Into The Ideal Version of You by Jordan Peterson Peterson, author of "The 12 Rules For Life", is a psychologist who has a tremendous understanding of the nature of things.  In this video, in which he is being interviewed and speaking to an audience, he discusses how each of us must make a deliberate choice, despite unavoidable suffering, to work towards becoming who we are truly capable of being.  This can, if we select it, become our primary aim.  He also makes the point that if we understand the human experience, this will naturally be the choice for all people.  This choice is not a small one.  It will, however, change humanity for the good! Quote I am pondering: "If you dare to do the most difficult thing you can conceptualize, your life will work out better than it will if you do anything else?" ~ Jordan Peterson Working towards one's primary aim is a righteous path.  It is littered with difficulty, struggle, heartbreak and frustration.  Naysayers, critics and the fearful will constantly attempt to cut you off at the knees.  However, if there truly is nothing better for you to do except strive towards the ultimate version of yourself, then despite the challenges, you may as well shoot for the stars. Upon making this choice the world will conspire in your favor to bring you the answers, materials, people and strategies you need to accomplish this path. The opposing view of this way of living would be

New program I am unveiling: Move It Forward Aligned Life community, I am so excited to roll out a new way to experience greater levels of health and make a bigger impact in our community!  "Move It Forward" is a program designed to reward you for doing behaviors that make it easier for you to get great results with your chiropractic care and donate money to some of the best charity organizations in our area.  One of the most fundamental and yet least common behaviors in our community is doing exercise before getting adjusted.  This simple step of adding in movement before your adjustment benefits you on many levels.   Warming up and stretching your soft tissues, increasing your range of motion and maximizing your strength to improve your posture are just a few of the improvements when committing to this often neglected action.  The way the program works is we have created simple, body weight exercises for each of the different regions of the spine (neck, middle back and lower back).  When you arrive for your appointment, pick up a "Move It Forward" packet, select at least two movements to perform.  Upon completion of your exercises, grab a "Move It Forward" wooden nickel and drop it in the charity box of your choice.  Each time the charity box is full, Aligned Life will donate money to the respective charity.  This holiday season we have selected the San Diego Food Bank and the Toys For Tots programs to donate to.  Thank you for your commitment to your health and to the community! Exercise equipment I am using: Lat and Lift Pulley System Last week my wife, who is a HUGE gym buff (check out her page on instagram @28unlocked) purchased this pulley system to be used in our garage gym.  Tricep extensions, lat pull downs, face pulls and rows are all things that can be done using this product.  So far, we have loved the added options and are really pleased with the quality and simplicity of the unit.  I also really appreciated how easy it is to get the weights on and off as well as attach it to the pull up bar that hangs from the ceiling.  For $55 this is a steal compared with buying a huge rig for pulley work.  Good stuff! Quote I am loving: "It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or how