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Movie I am recommending: The Biggest Little Farm Last week I had the pleasure of watching this documentary while on a flight.  In an awe inspiring fashion, a husband and wife filmed their journey starting a farm from scratch.  The interesting part about their project was that they focused on natural farming practices rather than on only one crop.  Their application of the principle that diversity is our biggest asset was enlightening.  I enjoyed it so much that when I got home, I watched it again, this time with my whole family.  After our viewing, we talked for an hour about how we can change our lives in order to live more in accordance with the principles that were so beautifully portrayed.  This film has a great message, is family friendly, thought provoking and inspiring.  Personally, it reminded me of why I got into chiropractic.  Seeing how things flourish when people understand and commit to a few simple principles and apply them over a period of time was fantastic.  As far as I am concerned, this is one you cannot afford to miss. Change I am making: Delete All Social Media On my vacation this past week I was reminded of what life was like without having access to social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.  I found overwhelmingly that I was a better parent, spouse and human being.  Accordingly, I decided to delete these apps from my phone.  My team and I will still continue to produce content and post important reminders about practice events to these pages, however I will not be looking at these apps during non-business hours.  If you are finding yourself being more irritable, less focused, and spending time scrolling for no apparent reason often, I strongly encourage you to try one week without these applications.  At that point you can make your own decision whether to keep social media a part of your daily experience or not. Song lyrics I am repeating: "Make sure the fortune that you seek, is the fortune that you need."  ~ Ben Harper in the song "Diamonds On The Inside"One of my favorite things to do on vacation is to sit and listen to music.  One of the songs I was listening to had the aforementioned lyrics.  Harper's words struck me because I often find that I am desiring things that will actually not bring me fulfillment.  The one way I can reliably refocus on what really makes me content

Video I am recommending: Pain-Free Flying This week I am excited to embark on a vacation with my family during my boy's spring break.  We will be doing a red-eye flight out of San Diego.  One of the most common things I hear from patients is how they struggle to maintain their spine health on flights.  A few years ago I created a YouTube video that shows you a comprehensive list of the essential things to pack in order to make your travel experience worthwhile.  If you are planning to travel via car, train, or plane over the next year, give this one a watch before you go! Spine-health actions I am suggesting: Mirror Image Exercises While I will be out of town from April 7th to the 12 I strongly suggest paying special attention to your body position habits, doing your mirror image exercises (postural exercises), and spending time on your home traction device.  These spinal hygiene tasks are great for year-round use but are especially important this next week to minimize the likelihood of a flare-up while I am unavailable. If you have questions about how to do these movements or need a refresher on your setup with your home traction orthotic, please give us a call or speak with a team member when you are in the office this week.  Thank you for taking the extra steps to ensure your continued success in my absence.  I really appreciate it! Quote I am loving: "Collect moments, not things." ~ Anonymous I am three months into my year of "no personal purchases" and have been enjoying the process.  Every once in a while I catch myself daydreaming about buying a random item, but by asking myself a few simple questions, easily dismiss the notion.  Instead of buying things, I have been putting my resources towards experiences with my family.  This month we are headed to the Caribbean to a group of islands called Turks and Caicos.  This place holds a special place for my wife and I as this was the location of our honeymoon almost 17 years ago.  We have longed desired to take our kids to this place and are excited about the opportunity.  Thank you for being a part of helping make this dream a reality for us.  I am truly grateful.  I look forward to seeing you in the clinic on my first day back on Thursday, April 14th!   Have a kick ass week everyone! In Health, Dr. Devin