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Book I am reading: Start With Why by Simon Sinek If you are looking to start something that you plan on taking to market, or an idea you want to spread, then before you do so, check this one out by Simon Sinek.  His main concept is that identifying WHY your company, idea, or program exists, helps to naturally create a culture and a lens through which to make decisions.  In contrast, most people, or companies, focus on WHAT they provide and accordingly struggle to create an identity that others resonate with consistently.  To differentiate yourself through more effective marketing, messaging and product niche, this one is a great reference! Suggestion I am making: Halloween Buy Back Program Next Monday is Halloween!  At Aligned Life, we are excited to celebrate this fun time of year with all of you.  Like many of you, I am a parent of young children.  In an effort to reduce the massive overload on sugar intake that day, my wife and I have offered our boys five cents for each piece of candy they collect.  We have found in years past that the boys will naturally consume a reasonable amount of candy but then opt to take the cash for the remaining majority.  After payment, we immediately put the purchased candy on the doorstep and within minutes it magically disappears!  This eliminates the typical week or two after Halloween in which everyone is tempted to binge because the candy is still available.  Give this strategy a try and let me know how it works for you.  By the way, on that Monday morning, our staff will be dressed up in costumes so come on by for a spooky time.  We have decided to take that afternoon off to allow the team to be with their families. Quote I am loving: "The products they choose become proof of WHY they do the things they do." ~ Simon Sinek in Start With Why This quote speaks to the idea that what you choose to spend your money on is a direct reflection of the relationship you have with yourself and the people you love.  When someone decides to buy chiropractic care or a massage, what they are saying to the world is that they are worth it and that their health is a priority.  That they understand how important energy is in all things they do.  If you are looking to take a stand this week that

Workshop I am teaching: Bulletproof Your Posture On Thursday, November 3rd at 6:15 pm at Aligned Life Chiropractic and Wellness I will be teaching a workshop on the best practices for the correction and management of the spine and posture.  This will be a master class that will encompass my 15 years of clinical practice in this field.  Implementation strategies to reduce pain, environmental changes to improve postural habits, and research from across all healthcare disciplines will be discussed.  As always, friends and family are encouraged.  This class is offered at no charge.  To register, sign up at the front desk in the office or shoot us an email with the number of people you would like to attend at  I look forward to diving deep with you guys! Journal article I am reading: Journal Neurosurgery, Vol 68, No 5, May 2011 by Dr. Alan Villavicencio M.D. At Aligned Life, we are constantly discussing the importance of having your spine match your posture.  What we mean by this is that you must stand in a position that your body supports easily.  If not, you will suffer more pain, be more injury susceptible and be more likely to become disabled over time.  The aforementioned journal article is an extreme example of what happens when we disregard this basic rule for health.  Dr. Villavicencio looked at spinal fusion surgeries that were used to correct disc herniations in the neck.  What he found was that if the surgeon fused the patient (using a metal plate and screws) into the correct curve shape in the neck, the patient had positive outcomes.  In contrast, if the patient was fused into a position where the neck was either straight or in some instances, into a reverse curve position, the long-term outcomes for the patient were poor.  Using this example as a guide, remember to use your home traction orthotic (if you have been prescribed this device), manage your body position habits, do your postural exercises, get adjusted, and receive your massages! Quote I am loving: "It is not the load that breaks you, it's how you carry it." ~ Lou Holtz The concept of posture is based on the study of physics.  Loads that are carried towards the center of mass are moved easily, without much effort.  Loads that are carried away from the center of mass are made increasingly more difficult the further that weight is from the center.  Remember, your muscles

Thought I am pondering: This week's office whiteboard This week I wrote on the whiteboard in the adjustment area of the office the following thought; "All health-building behaviors require repetition and consistency.  Examples include sleep, exercise, stretching, positive self-talk, healthy food choices, meditation, brushing your teeth, adjustments, traction, etc."  I wrote this idea because I find it very odd that we place certain behaviors in different categories.  What I mean by this is we find it ridiculous to assume that we don't need to sleep regularly.  We would find it gross to not brush our teeth every day.  However, many people find it optional to exercise consistently.  Or don't make time for meditation.  Or, we think it is ok to speak to ourselves cruelly.  My personal favorite is we ask the question, why do you need to keep getting adjusted and doing traction?  Guys, we are making a thinking error when we place these other behaviors in the "optional" category in our minds.  Based upon a ton of supportive research into human behavior and health all of these are essential to building the type of human we would all be proud to be.  Take a minute this week and ask yourself, which behaviors have I allowed myself to see as optional, and how can I make them essential? Website I am recommending: This week I had a number of people ask me if I can help them find a chiropractor that practices similar to what we do at Aligned Life but in a different part of the country.  I am always happy to help find your loved ones a home for their chiropractic care but I thought it might be easier if I referred you to the website I use.  Click on the link above, type in the name of the town you are looking for or the zip code and you will find options that are a good fit.  Make sure to look for the doctors that have the designation of "Basic Certified" or "Advanced Certified" for best results! Quote I am loving: "You don't have to be extreme, just consistent." ~ Ujjwala PatilIt is often thought that in order to be successful you have to be extreme in your actions.  However, especially when it comes to health, being extreme is often detrimental.  It is far better to identify a desired behavior, commit to it and reap the benefits of durability and longevity from doing the thing