Why Chiropratic
Chiropractors are responsible for correcting and maintaining the health of the spine and nervous system. They also act as healthcoach by providing education on nutrition, exercise and stress management. The most common health problem to affect the spine and nervous system is called a subluxation. Chiropractors are trained in delivering specific adjustments to the affected areas to reduce the affects of subluxation.
A joint found in the body that has become jarred out of it’s healthy position and is causing pressure and irritation to the nerve.
Subluxations are caused by either one time major traumas or small repetitive traumas that accumulate over time, or both.
Due to the nerve being compressed a number of devastating health consequences take place when a person is subluxated. Symptoms include, but are not limited to, pain, muscle spasm, numbness, tingling and weakness. As well as problems such as headaches and migraines, postural changes, stiffness, and decreased athletic performance.
There are three key’s to maintaining the health of your spine and nervous system. Each of these needs to be completed consistently over time in order to achieve maximum results. The first is receiving regular chiropractic care. The second is performing a series of stretching and strengthening exercises. And the third is changing the habits that may have caused these issues to begin in the first place.
In comparison to many chiropractic offices that focus purely on palliative care (pain relief only), the philosophy at Aligned Life Chiropractic & Wellness is to go beyond the pain relief stage and actually correct the underlying problem so that patients do not cycle from one health crisis to the next. By incorporating stretching and strengthening exercises and a rich educational curriculum for each patient, future problems are minimized or in many cases completely avoided.
Regular chiropractic care during pregnancy dramatically increases quality of life for moms by reducing lower back pain, sciatica and overall discomfort without the use of harmful drugs. By reducing nerve pressure created by the ever changing body a healthier and happier mom encourages a smoother more manageable birth process. During the pregnancy process, Aligned Life Chiropractic & Wellness provides different equipment, designed specifically for expecting mothers, to ensure that no pressure is placed on the fetus. Get your expecting mother check up today!
In order to give your child the best chance to perform in school and sports make sure to include a chiropractor on their healthcare team. Dr. Shea regularly performs adjustments on children starting from their first few days of birth up through their teenage years. Like adults, children also form areas of subluxation due to small repetitive traumas or one time major traumas. Remember that children fall more than any other subsection of the human population. At Aligned Life Chiropractic & Wellness we make it our highest priority to have the children of our patients checked for subluxation in order to increase the health of the next generation.