Jenn DeSimone

Jenn was born in Colorado, but moved to the big island of Hawaii, when she was just a baby. She spent her early childhood years there until she was 10 and her parents decided to move to San Luis Obispo County. She lived there until she was 24, and then decided to try something new and move to San Diego. Growing up on the beaches of Hawaii has been such a huge part of Jenn’s life that you’ll find her at the beach any chance she can get. Her love for the outdoors and sports are still in her blood. When not at ALCW, Jenn loves to work out, spend time with her 2 beautiful boys and wife. Jenn is also a NASM Certified Personal trainer and runs a women’s only personal training business out of her home. Jenn has 2 dogs that she treats like her babies, so please make sure to stop and show her some pictures of your fur babies whenever you’re in the office.


Level 1 CrossFit Trainer
NASM Certified Personal Trainer