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On this episode of The Aligned Life Podcast, Dr. Shea and Rachel discuss theirs tips, tricks, and advice for staying healthy while traveling. Whether you have a summer vacation planned or you frequently travel for work, staying healthy while on the go will be super critical for your overall health and happiness. These simple to follow steps will help you pack, get you moving at the gate, make that long flight more bearable, and get you ready to enjoy your destination when you arrive.

Special guests, Nik Hawks and Lee Selman of Paleo Treats join the podcast this week to chat all about finding happiness and how they’ve stayed relevant and true to their mission in the wellness space. We discuss their 7 Pillars of Paleo and how they’ve maintained positivity and good vibes throughout their business evolution. We talk about the concept of identifying your North Star and using it as a guide to knowing yourself deeply and living a life full of peace, love and joy. To learn more about this power duo and hear about all of their amazingly, delicious healthy treats, give this episode a listen! To learn more about Paleo Treats, follow them on Instagram at @paleotreats. Visit their website and shop your favorite treats through our link here!

In this episode of the Aligned Life podcast, Dr. Shea and Rachel explore the differences between boundaries, rules, choices and free will and how this all relates to living an optimally well, empowered life. Having healthy boundaries is a form of self-care and allows you to feel more fulfilled, less stressed, and in control of your life. Dr. Shea and Rachel discuss what healthy boundaries and rules look like, what happens if you lack healthy boundaries, how to move past limiting beliefs around your rules and boundaries and how to begin to cultivate healthy boundaries in your life.

On this week’s episode of the Aligned Life Podcast, Dr. Shea and Rachel sit down with special guest, Dr. Ryan Caringola of True Chiropractic Wellness to discuss natural, drug-free options for children with ADD and ADHD. Dr. Ryan specializes in pediatric chiropractic care and believes every child deserves the opportunity to grow up medication free and live out their full potential. Through what he calls the 4 T’s (toxins, thoughts, trauma and technology), Dr. Caringola explores in-depth how environmental factors have contributed to the increased diagnosis of ADD/ADHD in children. Throughout this episode, Dr. Caringola, Dr. Shea and Rachel provide chiropractic, nutritional, and behavior modification options, as well as additional support and resources for children and parents affected by this disorder. You can learn more about Dr. Caringola via his website or on instagram @drcaringola