How To Live an Aligned Life

Over the last year I have been recording a weekly podcast with my cohost Rachel Freeman, interviewing people from all different specialties within healthcare.  We have developed five principles that I want share with you that have changed my life.  The key, and the challenge associated with these five principles, is attempting to implement and balance all […]

Ep. 52: A Year in Review: Takeaways from Our First Year of Podcasting

This week, Dr. Shea and Rachel celebrate one full year of weekly podcasting. What??!! Where did the time go? This episode is a fun one as Dr. Shea and Rachel reflect on the past year and share their favorite moments, interviews and takeaways. A special shout out to all the amazing guests who said YES […]

Ep. 50: The Struggle to be Healthy is Real

On this week’s episode of the Aligned Life Podcast, Dr. Shea and Rachel get real and open up about their current health struggles. No matter how healthy you are or how much you prioritize your mental and physical health, we all struggle to maintain a happy, healthy and aligned life at times. Dr. Shea and […]

Ep. 48: How-to Get Out of a Funk

On this week’s episode of the Aligned Life Podcast, Dr. Shea and Rachel are chatting all about how-to get out of a funk. Whether you’re feeling stuck, in a rut, or things just simply feel off, you’re not alone and there are steps you can take to overcome these feelings and get you back on […]

Sparking Joy This Summer

I recently picked up the book, Spark Joy, by Marie Kondo – a guide to minimalism, tidying up your physical space, and choosing to surround yourself only with material things that spark joy. This simple yet powerful concept can be applied to many things in our lives – material goods, relationships, and the ways in […]