Ep. 51: Jessica Rothenberg on Bullet Journaling for Health, Identifying Food/Mood Triggers & Reversing Metabolic Damage

Special guest, Jessica Rothenberg (@thetraininghour) joins The Aligned Life Podcast this week to chat all about metabolic damage, bullet journaling for health, cardio vs. weight training, taking ownership of your health and so much more. Jessica is a personal trainer and online coach and has been in the field for several years now working with (mostly) women who have a history of overtraining, under eating and damaged metabolisms. Her own experience of losing 55lbs has transformed into a career dedicated to helping others repair their relationship with food, restore their metabolisms and connect with their own body’s cues. Listen to this episode if you’re interested in learning how to optimize your physical and emotional health in our modern lifestyle.

Jessica’s website: www.thetraininghour.com

Jessica’s IG: @thetraininghour

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