Empathy for Self and Others

Sonder- the profound feeling of realizing that everyone, including strangers passed on the street, has a life as complex as one’s own, which they are constantly living despite one’s personal lack of awareness of it. Like most American children, we grow up with the Golden Rule (to treat others the way you want to be […]

Trending Tuesday 4/28/20

Thought that is consuming me:  Co-Morbidities and Urgency It is my belief, that in our culture it has become so common for people to be sick with lifestyle diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and obesity the urgency to get healthy has been lost.  These problems are seen as issues to be dealt with only […]

Trending Tuesday 4/21/20

Exercise support I am using:  Rymora Calf Compression Sleeves Since the pools have been closed I have switched my attention to running and biking.  When it comes to running I have been struggling with residual nerve damage in my left calf from a previous low back disc herniation.  Accordingly, severe cramping in my lower leg has, on […]

Trending Tuesday 4/14/20

Documentary I am watching: Heal If you have Netflix and you are open minded about discussing some of the deeper issues that often are the true cause of health problems for people, give this documentary a watch!  Chiropractors, spiritual leaders, organic chemists and physicists talk about their understanding of how healing occurs through focusing on foundational aspects of […]

Trending Tuesday 4/7/20

Zoom meeting I am hosting: Master Your Morning Routine Have you ever wanted to know exactly what I do in the morning to get fired up and ready to work with you each day?  This Thursday, April 9th at 4 pm I am hosting a practice wide Zoom call for anyone interested in transforming their life […]

Top 3 Things You Can Do While Being Respectful of Social Distance

Top 3 Things You CAN DO While Being Respectful of Social Distance No doubt for the majority of the population the last few weeks have been spent more at home compared with a normal work and school week.  That being said I want to give you 3 powerful action steps that will not only be highly productive, […]