Top 3 Things You Can Do While Being Respectful of Social Distance

Top 3 Things You CAN DO While Being Respectful of Social Distance

No doubt for the majority of the population the last few weeks have been spent more at home compared with a normal work and school week.  That being said I want to give you 3 powerful action steps that will not only be highly productive, but will eliminate the victim mentality and help you see this time period for what it really is, an opportunity!
1.) Clean and organize your most DISORGANIZED space in your home
Do you have an “Everything Drawer”?  You know, the place where before you have company over you shove everything in at the last minute.  I do.  In fact, I have more than one.  Or, should I say, I did.  This past week I was given a gift by my sister-in-law, who is an expert in all things organization, in helping to get rid of this collection of junk drawers.  Here process went like this; #1 Take out everything and lay it out. #2 Throw away anything that is trash. #3 Put all items that should not be in the drawer away in their correct place. #4 Purchase organizers from Target or the Container Store and place them in the drawer. #5 Replace the items you actually want in the drawer in their specific organizer. #6 Take a picture of you new beautiful drawer and post it to social media for all to gawk at your badassery.
2.)  Refinance your mortgage, refinance your student loans, do your taxes, set up an auto recurring retirement fund or some other adult like financial task
With some of the lowest interest rates in many years, now may be a great time to get a leg up financially.  Normally, these time intensive tasks may be too much busy work to take on.  However, with a little more time spent at home, this week might be a great time to tackle one or more of these beasts.  Yes they suck.  But, you will be pumped when you are better prepared financially to endure the strange times that may lie ahead.
3.) Develop a hyper-productive morning routine
Have you ever wanted to condense a bunch of meaningful action steps into a short period of time in the morning to help make your entire day more accomplished?  This week, following these steps to create the ideal start to your day; #1 Write down exactly what tasks would make your day insanely productive and fulfilling. #2 Place each item into a time specific schedule.  #3 Prepare to make your plan easy to implement (i.e. lay out your Denneroll, put a copy of your home care exercises on your night stand, do your laundry, lay out your clothes the night before, make your workout plan ahead of time, grocery shop, pack your lunch, etc.).  #4 Practice, practice, practice.  The more reps you get the more you will be able to refine your approach and move this routine into your subconscious mind to allow for an even greater level of decision making power.  #5 Feel amazing that you are taking the next step in taking full responsibility over your life and health!

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