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Lessons I am learning: 100 Mile Bike Ride Guys!  I did something I am really proud of accomplishing. Saturday, with the help of an Aligned Life'er (thanks Andrey!)  I was able to ride my bike for 100 miles.  The term used to describe this event is a "century ride".  Looking back, I believe this is one of the hardest things I have ever completed.  Extreme saddle soreness, back tightness, exhausted arms, tingling hands, completely blown up legs and mental fatigue are all symptoms of getting through this 7 1/2 hour journey.  Beginning in Poway, heading south to the SeaWorld area, then north along the coast to Oceanside, followed by going east to Escondido and finally south to Poway was our loop route.  We accumulated over 4000 ft of climbing and burned between 4000 to 5000 calories.  Here are three things I learned while pushing my limits; 1) Proper nutrition and hydration can keep your mind sharp which allows you to push your body well beyond what you believe is possible.  2) It is possible to be at the point of complete failure, yet recover slightly, which gives you just enough to push through to your goals.  3) Having a mentor, who has done what you are looking to achieve, can make the difference between success and failure!  If you read last week's Trending Tuesday blog post, this was definitely a "misogi" type event for me (read The Comfort Crisis).  So glad I did it and I am now setting my sights on the half Ironman in Santa Cruz in September!  P.S. If you have not already done so, please donate to my Ironman Foundation fund by copying and pasting this link  We have raised $1060 and need a total of $1750 in order for me to race.  Thanks for your generosity and for giving to an amazing cause! Date I am saving: Aligned Life Community Bike Ride After speaking with so many of the Aligned Life community members in regards to their fitness aspirations, including cycling, I want to invite you to take part in our first annual Aligned Life Community Bike Ride!  Please save the date for the morning of Saturday August 14th.  We will be doing a 10 mile bike ride for all skill levels, ages and types of bikes.  Just like in the clinic where "All Spines Are Welcome", on the bike ride "All Riders Are Welcome"!  Watch for more details to come for this event including

Book I am highly recommending: The Comfort Crisis: Embrace Discomfort To Reclaim Your Wild, Happy, Healthy Self by Michael Easter Aligned Life Community!  This is the best, most behavior changing book I have read in 2021!  Please do yourself a favor and pick up a copy.  I love this book on so many levels, however here are a few of my favorites; 1) Easter includes a background story in which he travels to the Arctic backcountry and hunts caribou which is inspiring, insightful and funny.  2) He brings up all of the topics that I believe are devastating peoples health in the modern world and gives easy to implement solutions for each.  3) He has done the research on each of these topics by speaking with the world's foremost experts in anthropology, anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, psychology and more.  4) He brings up the topic of a yearly "misogi".  A misogi is a "right of passage" experience that has only two rules 1) It has to be incredibly difficult, with a 50% chance of completing the task 2) You can't die.  This experience is not done to compare your effort to others, so he encourages a quirky or unique challenge.  He also stresses that this is meant to be an inward journey, meaning this is not done to then post pics to Instagram or brag to your friends.  A misogi is meant for you to find out or remind yourself who you are and what you are really capable of doing.  LOVE THIS! Daily email I am reading: The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday Recently I subscribed to Ryan Holiday's daily blog called "The Daily Stoic".  If you are unfamiliar with the concept of stoicism it embodies the regular practice of attempting to be a better human being by thinking of others, being patient, being humble, remembering that death is coming for us all and that life is filled with ups and downs.  Holiday, in 3-5 paragraphs written in his blog, gives you some nuggets each day that help to remind you of these "virtues".  To subscribe is free and you can get to his website by clicking the link above! Quote I am loving: "We are living progressively sheltered, sterile, temperature-controlled, overfed, under-challenged, safety-netted lives." by Michael Easter in "The Comfort Crisis" I believe in the modern world we have become obsessed with finding the shortcut to everything.  We always want a "hack" to get to our desired outcome easier, faster and without pain.  Unfortunately,