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Date I am saving: Saturday, March 26th from 9 - 11 AM On the aforementioned date, I would love for you, your family, and friends to meet me at Lake Hodges to exercise together.  The name of this event is called "Misogi".  I will be providing the details of this experience over the next couple of weeks, but I wanted to send out a teaser and get on your calendars as soon as possible.  The team and I have been working on getting things organized for you to have a truly unique experience over the past month and I cannot wait for you to see what we have cooked up!  This is one you do not want to miss! Nutrition tracking I am using: Counting Macros For the past few years, I have not put a lot of deliberate attention on my nutrition.  This year, however, as a part of my goals for 2022, I am looking to improve how I fuel my body.  By tracking the amount of protein, fat and carbs, the macronutrients, I am hoping to find a more balanced approach.  For a more detailed understanding of how to count your macros, click on the link above.  So far, the one thing I have learned this year is that it is very difficult to get enough protein.  Unfortunately, my body does not tolerate dairy products very well so I am left to try and fill this need through meat, eggs, nuts and plant-based sources such as tofu and protein powder.  I am far from mastering this concept but in the end, I would like to have a general guide in my mind as to the approximate portion and ratio for each macronutrient.  This would hopefully lead to making better food choices without having to look up how much protein, fat or carb is in each food item and writing it down.  I believe this process may take the rest of the year, but I think it will be worth it in the end. Three quotes that help to define a Misogi: - "The notion around a misogi is, you do something so hard one time per year that it impacts the remaining 364 days of the year." ~ Jesse Itzler - "Take on challenges that radically expand your sense of what is possible.  There are just two rules: you have a fifty percent chance of success at best, and it does not kill you

Method I am employing: MELT Method This week we had a number of Aligned Life Community members with the condition plantar fasciitis.  This is caused by inflammation occurring at the bottom of the foot.  Having personally struggled with this type of problem during my triathlon training I have utilized the MELT method to help.  This involves using a ball (preferably something reasonably hard like a lacrosse ball) and pressing into the tissues from the heel into the forefoot.  For all the details on how to utilize this technique, take a look at the above-linked video.  I believe you will be shocked at how much better your feet feel after just a few minutes of doing this method! Hack I am loving: Post Valentines Day Card Purchase Some of you may like this one and some of you may hate it

Action I am encouraging: Mental Health Sticky Notes On The White Board The month of February at Aligned Life is all about improving our mental health and our awareness of what helps to stabilize our thoughts when we experience challenges.  To help give suggestions as to effective strategies for improving one's mental health we have posted a whiteboard in front of the adjustment area.  I am encouraging everyone who would like to participate to take a sticky note from the whiteboard, write down what you do to improve your mindset, and post it on the board!  My hope for this project is to encourage some creativity and a set of best practices for how to create a resilient mind in a turbulent time! Book I am re-reading: Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris This book is my all-time favorite bathroom book!  This means that it sits by the toilet and is read while using the facilities.  The reason why this is the perfect environment for this book is due to its short (just a couple of pages) chapters.  Each chapter includes the highlights from an interview between Ferris and a person of interest.  Ferris asked two hundred people the same set of questions and attempted to see if there were overlaps between their answers.  The information found in this book is often profound, funny, inspiring, and easy to digest.  Like I said, perfect for a bathroom break! Quote I am repeating: "Losers have goals, winners have systems." ~ Tim Ferris in Tools of Titans The final step to any goal-setting session in my opinion must be the creation of systems that will help support the goals.  Otherwise, all you have created is a list of wants.  This leaves a tremendous amount of room for error and encourages a lack of follow-through which can often lead people towards a negative feedback loop.  Make sure that you time block your schedule to ensure that you are working towards your objectives each week and ask yourself the following question; "What system would I need to create in order for my goals to be achieved easily?" Have a kick ass week everyone! In Health, Dr. Devin Shea, DC