Trending Tuesday 4/14/20

Documentary I am watching: Heal If you have Netflix and you are open minded about discussing some of the deeper issues that often are the true cause of health problems for people, give this documentary a watch!  Chiropractors, spiritual leaders, organic chemists and physicists talk about their understanding of how healing occurs through focusing on foundational aspects of […]

Trending Tuesday 4/7/20

Zoom meeting I am hosting: Master Your Morning Routine Have you ever wanted to know exactly what I do in the morning to get fired up and ready to work with you each day?  This Thursday, April 9th at 4 pm I am hosting a practice wide Zoom call for anyone interested in transforming their life […]

Trending Tuesday 3/31/20

Video I am recommending: How To Master Mirror Image Exercises If you are looking to work on your posture from home, I strongly recommend the use of these powerful postural exercises.  For a list of “best practices” to improve your outcome and get the most out of your effort take a look at the linked video […]