Ep. 25: Invest In Yourself + Adapting a Mindset of Abundance

Dr. Shea & Rachel go deep into discussion about money, self-worth and why investing in your health should be your top priority. They discuss their current mindsets around money and how you can leverage a positive money mindset to serve more people.

Ep. 24: Reignite Your Rituals

Rituals are what make self-care practices sustainable. Our willpower is only so strong and we can only make so many decisions per day. Having a solid foundation of positive rituals, habits and routines is what creates a healthy and happy life. Rituals are based in self-worth and allow us to feel productive, efficient, fulfilled and […]

Ep. 23: Pump Your Body And Mind With Sal Di Stefano

Special guest, Sal Di Stefano, the host of the top rated health and fitness podcast, Mind Pump, joins us this week to chat all about smart and efficient movement, prioritizing long-term health, mind and body adaptability and how to make a workout program fit your needs, goals and lifestyle. Sal, Dr. Shea and Rachel dive […]

Ep. 22: What Self-Care Really Means

On this week’s episode of The Aligned Life Podcast, Dr. Shea & Rachel go deep into discussion about self-care and why prioritizing a self-care practice into your life is not selfish. Self-care is more than just the occasional pedicure or bubble bath. It’s about taking care of your emotional and physical health through restorative activities, […]

How-To Pourfect Your Morning Cup of Coffee + Coffee Alternatives

If you’re looking for fun ways to spruce up your morning cup of joe, I’ve got you covered! My day doesn’t get started until I have a warm cup of coffee in hand.  Not because I need the caffeine to get me going (although it is a nice perk), but because I love the ritual surrounding […]