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Dress shoes I am wearing:  Cole Haan Grand Pro Rally Laser Cut Sneaker The nature of my job is very physical.  I am always on my feet and moving throughout each day.  At the beginning of my career, I wore clunky, uncomfortable dress shoes.  My feet ached, my plantar fascia was tight, and it felt like I was wearing two anchors.  In contrast the last few years I have been wearing the aforementioned Cole Haan sneakers.  They are feather-light, comfortable, and durable.  I love how this type of footwear has become an acceptable option for a professional work environment.  If you are in need of a shoe for work, church, weddings, etc. give this one a shot!  Research I am reading: A comparison of two forward head posture corrective approaches in elderly with chronic non-specific neck pain: A randomized controlled trial.  Journal of Clinical Medicine Jan 9, 2023 I often get asked if it is possible to correct forward head posture by just doing exercises.  My answer is always no.  Making structural changes to the spine is harder to create than people often think.  This randomized controlled trial is the perfect example of why exercises only are ineffective in correcting this all too common postural problem.  The researchers broke up the participants into two groups.  One received the type of care that I often provide at Aligned Life which includes adjustments, postural exercises, traction, home traction, and body position habit correction.  The other received postural exercises only.  Both groups were treated three times per week for six weeks.  Both groups saw an improvement in the range of motion of their necks and pain reduction.  However, the group that received care similar to Aligned Life protocols saw a statistically significant reduction in forward head posture.  They also were able to maintain their health improvements at the three-month follow-up after the study was completed without any other treatment.  The exercise-only group at the three-month follow-up had returned to the baseline.  This study highlights what I have witnessed for 15 years taking care of patients with forward head posture.  It initially takes more time and focus but the long-standing correction is worth the effort!   Quote I am loving: "Good shoes take you to good places." ~ Seohyun This might be an old-school thought, but my mom always told me that you could tell a lot about a person by looking at their shoes.  As an athlete and someone who listens to people every day

Nutritional practice I am trying: 48-hour fast For the first time in 42 years, I finally gave my body a chance to recover from all the food I had shoveled in my mouth. I was able to successfully fast for 2 days while only consuming water and decaffeinated tea. I was inspired to do this challenge after watching the show Limitless with Chris Hemsworth on Netflix (the actor who plays Thor in the Marvel movies).  My goal was to give my body a chance to wipe out some of the old, damaged cells that can lead to cancer and other diseases in the future.  I also wanted to give my digestive tract a break from having to process food around the clock for decades.  Below is a list of the changes I noticed during the 48 hours of not eating food. Reduced patience The smell of my breath changed Less energy Increased sense of smell Increased gratitude for being able to eat on a daily basis Time slows down I lost 5 lbs over the two days Staying busy helps to occupy your mind The realization that I normally consume way too much food Fasting with other people (thanks to my wife and best friends who did this with me) helps a lot. Overall the fast was a lot harder and a lot easier than I thought.  Harder, in that on the second night, I woke up at 1 AM and couldn't go back to sleep for an hour due to hunger.  Rough

Zoom I am teaching: Creating Space To Thrive: The Mind Each year I create a theme for the Aligned Life Community.  My goal is to help you focus on making each successive year the healthiest yet.  This year our focus will be on creating space to thrive.  Each quarter we will dive into a different space of our lives in which we need to bring intention and energy.  The first quarter space will be in the mind.  Developing a compelling vision of our future to give us motivation, setting boundaries, creating goals, identifying priorities and other key topics will be reviewed.  To kick start this theme and to create a forum for discussion I will be hosting a free zoom introducing these thoughts on Tuesday, January 17th at 6 pm.  If you are interested there is a signup sheet at the front desk or you can email the team at and we will share the webinar link with you.  My hope is to inspire and direct you toward a tremendous 2023! Television program I am recommending: Limitless with Chris Hemsworth Have you ever watched the Marvel superhero movies?  Do you like the character Thor?  If so, you will love the new show I am watching called Limitless on Disney Plus.  Chris Hemsworth, the actor who plays the part of Thor, goes on a journey to try to find strategies that will help him live a better, longer life.  In this six-part documentary-style show Hemsworth, with the help of a number of experts, discuss stress management, muscular strength, hot and cold exposure, fasting, memory, and acceptance of death.  I found this program to be very entertaining, informative, and inspiring.  This could be just the motivation you need to get your year and your health on track! Quote I am loving: "Live every day to the fullest" ~ Chris Hemsworth in LimitlessIn the final episode of the aforementioned tv show, Hemsworth is challenged to look at the topic of dying and death.  His goal is to be able to find acceptance for this natural life process and then use that perspective in his daily life.  On his journey through this six-episode show, Hemsworth is made aware that he has a strong genetic predisposition toward Alzheimer's disease.  After the tv program had completed filming, Hemsworth announced that he was going to take some time away from acting.  I believe that he was given a chance to reprioritize his life and accordingly decided to

Challenge I am completing: No Personal Purchases For One Year In January 2022 I mentioned on Trending Tuesday that I had set a goal of zero personal purchases for one year.  This challenge was set in reaction to my belief that the world has become far too materialistic.  Well, the final tally for the past 365 days is in and I have spent a total of $200 on myself.  To be clear, this was money spent on non-essential purchases.  The result was not perfect, but it was a massive improvement over previous years.  Overall, this process made me aware of a few things.  One, the people who I care about absolutely DO NOT care what clothes I wear, old and very used are just fine.  Two, I was previously preoccupied with shopping for things, whether I needed them or not, almost constantly.  And three, I don't regret NOT buying anything from the past year.  If you are wondering what I did buy, it was the following; a pair of hiking boots, a Joshua Tree T-shirt when we visited the national park (which was promptly eaten by my washing machine and made unwearable), and a package of socks and underwear.  If in evaluating yourself, you decide that you too have a shopping challenge, I strongly encourage you to try to go one month without buying anything that is not completely necessary.  My sincere hope is that it will provide you with similar insight as I have gained and you will want to continue beyond the one-month mark! Book I am reading: Hunt, Gather, Parent by Michaeleen Ducleef In evaluating my own children, spending time with their friends, and in hearing stories about my patient's children I have become concerned about the strategies and belief systems we are using to raise the next generation.  In my opinion, kids seem fragile, disconnected, and unprepared to deal with the harsh realities of the real world.  In an attempt to find a better mindset and tactics, I began listening to Ducleef's text.  The author, a mother of a three-year-old, seeks to find improved parenting strategies by seeking out mothers from different cultures from around the world.  Getting kids to help with chores without nagging, taking an active role in family communication, and stopping spending all their time watching a screen are all challenges Ducleef addresses in her book.  I believe it is not too late for our young ones.  I also believe it is the parent's responsibility to