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Dress shoes I am wearing:  Cole Haan Grand Pro Rally Laser Cut Sneaker
The nature of my job is very physical.  I am always on my feet and moving throughout each day.  At the beginning of my career, I wore clunky, uncomfortable dress shoes.  My feet ached, my plantar fascia was tight, and it felt like I was wearing two anchors.  In contrast the last few years I have been wearing the aforementioned Cole Haan sneakers.  They are feather-light, comfortable, and durable.  I love how this type of footwear has become an acceptable option for a professional work environment.  If you are in need of a shoe for work, church, weddings, etc. give this one a shot! 

Research I am reading: A comparison of two forward head posture corrective approaches in elderly with chronic non-specific neck pain: A randomized controlled trial.  Journal of Clinical Medicine Jan 9, 2023
I often get asked if it is possible to correct forward head posture by just doing exercises.  My answer is always no.  Making structural changes to the spine is harder to create than people often think.  This randomized controlled trial is the perfect example of why exercises only are ineffective in correcting this all too common postural problem.  The researchers broke up the participants into two groups.  One received the type of care that I often provide at Aligned Life which includes adjustments, postural exercises, traction, home traction, and body position habit correction.  The other received postural exercises only.  Both groups were treated three times per week for six weeks.  Both groups saw an improvement in the range of motion of their necks and pain reduction.  However, the group that received care similar to Aligned Life protocols saw a statistically significant reduction in forward head posture.  They also were able to maintain their health improvements at the three-month follow-up after the study was completed without any other treatment.  The exercise-only group at the three-month follow-up had returned to the baseline.  This study highlights what I have witnessed for 15 years taking care of patients with forward head posture.  It initially takes more time and focus but the long-standing correction is worth the effort!  

Quote I am loving: “Good shoes take you to good places.” ~ Seohyun
This might be an old-school thought, but my mom always told me that you could tell a lot about a person by looking at their shoes.  As an athlete and someone who listens to people every day talk about the challenges they face in their feet, ankles, knees, hips, and back, I believe that the proper footwear can considerably reduce your injury susceptibility.  This week, take a look at your shoes, evaluate the wear pattern on the bottom, if you find holes (like I did…) or you have put over 400 miles on them, consider getting a new pair.  To track the number of miles you have on your shoes an app like strava is fantastic.  If a new purchase, which can often be quite expensive is not in your budget currently, start putting some money aside in preparation for the future.   

Have a kick ass week everyone!
In Health,
Dr. Devin Shea, DC

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