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Equipment I am using: 25 lbs. Ruck Weight Plate
One of the most scalable forms of exercise is walking.  You can manipulate the distance, incline, decline, and speed.  You can also add resistance to your walks.  This is accomplished through an action called “rucking” in which you wear a backpack loaded with weight while walking.  The plate is thin and heavy and can be loaded in such a way that it does not bang against your spine.  The plate that I use is 25 lbs and slides easily into a padded zippered pocket in my “ruck”, the 5.11 Tactical Rush24.  Using this setup, the walk that I normally do three times per week has become far more challenging and fun!  If you are looking to find a healthy way to transition from walking to jogging, running, or hiking, this is a fantastic solution!

Exercise I am doing: 
Terminal Knee Extension
In an effort to build up my quad strength to help rehabilitate my knee, I have been using the following exercise with a resistance band.  If you have knee pain and have ruled out fractures or soft tissue tears, then strength training is often the key to healing.  Other exercises such as squatting and lunging are also helpful in developing strength in the muscle that controls the knee. Take a look at the linked video above for details!

Video I am recommending:
 Creating Space To Thrive: Mind
If you didn’t get to chance to log into the webinar, I hosted a few weeks ago but still wanted to check out the content, click on the link above!   I review the theme for the year at Aligned Life and go through six strategies I use to protect my mind to help maintain balance and focus.  I hope you enjoy the inspiration and direction from this video!   

Have a kick ass week everyone!
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