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Exercise equipment I am trying: Peloton This weekend I had my first Peloton experience at my brothers house.  What a fun way to exercise!  If you have never heard of this revolutionary type of stationary bicycle it combines remote coaching as if you are in a spin studio with custom music on a large touch screen.  Tons of options, lots of high energy classes and a choice to use their beautiful videos of the countryside to ride your bicycle virtually through.  These are all a part of the Peloton experience.  Classes also include different lengths of time, different coaches as well as weight lifting, yoga, and many more! If you are looking for an at home way to get a great workout in and you like to compete/connect with people from around the world, give this a shot! Snack I am binge eating: Chili Roasted Pistachios Do you like spicy snacks?  If so, you have to try this one out!  This product sells at Costco in bulk or at general grocery stores as well.  These are great for road trips, beach outings or bag lunches.  Enjoy! Quote I am repeating: "Sometimes the weight you need to lose isn't on your body!" ~ Unknown Living through a pandemic I have found that it has been a healthy habit to regularly check in with myself and purposely "wash away" the muck that has been accumulating.  This is often from the small annoyances associated with making responsible choices in the current environment.  If you have felt similarly of late, take the time to meditate, exercise, chat with a friend or do one of your favorite hobbies.  These are all great ways to get back to a healthy mindset and turn your energy towards the positive things that are coming into your life! --- Have a kick ass week everyone! In Health, Dr. Devin Shea, DC  

Whether you’re passionate about health, a certain hobby, your profession, or learning new skills - the process of being equipped with insight to problems you first encounter is a vital tool to have as we traverse through life. Here at Aligned Life Chiropractic & Wellness, we challenge our community to be the best and healthiest version of themselves. This outlook on life can be daunting to some due to the seemingly unknown path it takes to reach new heights. As soon as we develop into childhood from babies, human development is centered around one's self purpose. As a child, it is to be an observational learner. This sense of purpose changes as we hit adolescence, where we truly seek a mentor for the passions that create excitement in the adolescent life. When we reach the age of a young adult, our purpose begins to form around what identity we see ourselves as and how the world around us see’s our identity. From adulthood to our last days, our purpose becomes how to continue to contribute to the community we care about and live the best days of being a mentor. Throughout each stage of seeking purpose, we will inevitably run into decisions that will be the driving factor to being successful achieving our purpose. Mentors are there to help in your decision making process to allow you to grow with the foundation of experience from somebody that is a little further along in your goals than you are.  We can look at this like Isaac Newton’s idea of gravity and planetary orbit was far fetched and not accepted during his discovery. Imagine if his studies were never accepted by society and mankind had to continually discover why objects fell. The future Isaac Newton’s would continually be dismissed and our development of knowledge would be stunted. Regarding my personal career, I have always had a direct or indirect mentor that I have learned from. Starting in undergrad, I was lucky to find a mentor to help guide my study habits to the level required for university. He had introduced me to another mentor that was more Aligned with my career. My second mentor had shown me the path he was taking to get into grad school, and I would not have ever applied to the grad school I currently attend without him making me realize I was capable of a graduate program. Now that I

Tracking tool I am using: Garmin 910XT Triathlon Watch This week a fellow Aligned Life'er generously gifted me with a way to track my progress towards my exercise goals in the form of a triathlon watch (Thanks Kevin!).  By tracking a number of statistics I am hoping to gain insight as to how to improve my aerobic capacity and accordingly improve my times for each of the three disciplines of triathlon.  I am curious if there are areas of YOUR life that you are looking to improve that could benefit from tracking your results?  If so, could you use a technology or strategy to give your real time data that would change your outcome?  If so, take action this week to acquire that tool and work on implementing the use of it to help you get further, faster!  Remember, "what gets tracked gets measured and what gets measured gets done!" Book I am reading: Daniel's Running Formula Asking the right questions when it comes to looking at data makes all the difference in helping to get towards your goals.  This book has helped me determine what are the right questions to ask in regards to running.  Concepts such as VO2 MAX, cadence and many more are critical in understanding how your body is responding to the stress of running over time.  If you are curious about how to set up a program for yourself in order to accomplish a certain running distance (1 mile, 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon, etc.) this book is a fantastic reference! Quote I am repeating: "If winning is the only thing that rescues athletes from "wasting their time training," then there are a lot of unhappy people wasting their time running. " ~ Jack Daniels PhD A lot of people have asked why I am putting energy towards triathlon knowing that I am unlikely to "win" and far more likely to cause suffering during training and races.  My answer is that I am looking to change my mind.  I desire to learn patience, discipline and how to use metrics to drive performance.  I would then like to use those same traits and translate them into all the other areas of my life; finances, relationships, business, spirituality, etc.  My hope is that I can use my body as a teaching tool.  I believe that this is one of the foundational reasons why our spirits were given a physical body to experience

Talk I am giving: "4 Steps To Working From Home Without Pain" After months of hearing from you in the office that you guys are having more pain than ever before due to working from home I am offering a workshop specifically on this topic.  This class is offered for free to any group you believe would benefit from hearing the content.  I will focus on home workspace ergonomics, exercises for avoiding chronic pain due to poor posture, tips on technology for making a successful workstation and how to create a culture of great health in a business environment.  If this sounds like something your company needs to hear, please reach out to me at  Thanks so much for your referrals and for helping to spread a message of health and wellness to the community! Video I am recommending: "Working From Home At Your Kitchen Table" If you are working from home or your kids are going to school virtually and the majority of your day is spent at the kitchen table, this is a MUST WATCH video.  Click on the link above for 4 powerful exercises to help you avoid forward head posture, radiating arm pain, upper back stiffness and headaches. Quote I am pondering: "Posture is the window to the spine and nervous system" If you are ever curious as to the health of a person's spine and spinal cord, all you need to do is look at a person with a few things in mind to get a good idea. When looking at the body from the front we should see symmetry in the following areas: the heights of both ears, shoulders, hips, knees and feet.  Looking at the body from the side, we should be able to draw a straight line from the hole in the ear, to the middle of shoulder, middle of the hip, middle of the knee, and ankle bone.  Remember, where the spine goes, so does the spinal cord.  If the posture is poor, the spinal cord is under stress.  If the spinal cord is under stress, the signals moving between the brain and body are jumbled.  Jumbled signals lead to lowered levels of health and sometimes pain. --- Have a kick ass week everyone! In Health, Dr. Devin Shea, DC  

Documentary I am watching: "A Better Way" Have you ever felt in your gut that taking drugs to silence your body's signals (symptoms) is not really getting you healthy?  Have you ever been recommended to take a second or third drug to help you with the side effects of the first drug you were taking?  If so, please give this documentary a watch.  There is "A Better Way" to get and stay healthy.  Drugs and surgery are designed for crisis intervention only.  Not for problems that arise due to suicidal lifestyle choices.  If you need a push to get your health on track and you want to do it the right way, this may be the jumpstart you need! Financial software I am using: TurboTax It's tax time!  Haha.  I was trying to make that sound exciting.  If you are like me, and you are not a big fan of this yearly challenge, then I recommend using TurboTax to make it a bit easier to tolerate.  If you are a do-it-yourself type of person and you don't have a wide variety of income sources, expenses and distributions, this cost effective and user friendly software comes in handy.  This program can run you anywhere from $0 all the way up to $120 if you own your own business.  My wife and I have done our personal taxes using TurboTax for the last seven years and have had a positive experience.  Take a breath, get a big ass cup of coffee and get'er done! Quote I am loving: "Time is an emotion." Have you ever been immersed in a project, looked up at the clock and could not believe that hours had flown by?  Conversely, have you ever been at the end of a tough workout on the last lap of a run and every second feels like an eternity?  If so, you will understand that time is not linear like you may have once believed.  Instead, time can become vertical based upon your ability to stay in  the present.  Lately, I have been deliberately seeking out activities that force me into the present moment.  Examples include; things that spike your adrenaline, being with a loved one, tackling a challenging house project, exercise, reading a great book and so many more.  You'll know when you find these powerful activities when you become tunnel visioned on the task/moment at hand and stop worrying about things from your past or future.  Choose your

Food I am eating: Barney Almond Butter Are you like me?  Do you find yourself putting almond butter on everything?  Bananas, celery, apples, smoothies, and so much more are all great options for adding almond butter.  I recently came across this brand and have made a complete switch from my previous choice called Justin's.  Barney Butter is the smoothest almond butter I have ever had.  Pick up a bottle of this stuff, you will not regret it! Creamer I am devouring: Laird's Superfood Creamer If you are looking to add some good nutrition into your daily routine and you enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, using this creamer is a great way to do it.  Not only is it a non-dairy creamer, but it also has a few amazing superfoods such as functional mushrooms and aquamin.  The best part is that it tastes amazing!  I had previously written about this product when it came in a powder form, however now that they are offering a liquid version, this product has been taken to the next level. Quote I am repeating: "Your next level of success will be achieved through creating internal peace and loving yourself, NOT through hard work." ~ Dr. Fred DiDomenico I believe that it is easy to get caught up in trying to do more.  More work, more time, more efficiency, more effort.  However, I have found lately that honoring myself and attempting to be completely present in every moment has been significantly more effective in creating the results I want.  I believe that if you implement the same strategy, it will be effective for you as well! --- Have a kick ass week everyone! In Health, Dr. Devin Shea, DC  

Financial software I am using: Quicken For many years I have been looking for a way to oversee my personal finances in a fast, comprehensive and easy to use fashion.  Upon the recommendation from my Dad I was able to implement this tool over the past week and have been really enjoying it.  Setting up savings pots for all of your financial priorities, automatically downloading your bank account transactions and displaying graphs with appropriate categories are all things I love about this software. If you need a little help getting your financial house in order, take a look at this product! Book I am reading: Fix This Next by Mike Michalowicz Are you a business owner?  Or, do you run your family like a business?  If you have ever felt confused about what to do next to move your life towards your goals give this a read.  Michalowicz, one of my favorite authors on all things pertaining to being an entrepreneur, has also written amazing references such as Profit First and The Pumpkin Plan.  My favorite section in his latest title is his use of an analogy between Maslow's Hierarchy of needs and the 5 Steps a business must master.  These steps include sales, profit, order, impact and legacy.  By giving you a hierarchy of needs to improve your business he makes it obvious for you to choose what to be placed as the next priority.  Genius! Quote I am loving: "The biggest problem business owners have, is they don't know what their biggest problem is."  ~ Mike Michalowicz in Fix This Next I believe that this same philosophy can be said for many people when it comes to their health.  For example, if you identify that your body is breaking down, you get injured easily, you lack energy and you are feeling depressed, which of these issues do you address first and how do you go about fixing them.  To most, this becomes extraordinarily complicated and often leads to apathy, overwhelm or inaction.  This is why I often remind the patients of Aligned Life Wellness that there are four areas of your health you must be addressing; nutrition, movement, stress management and structure.  Another way of saying this is you must Eat Well, Move Well, Think Well and Be Structurally Well.  By putting your efforts towards these four categories you naturally move your body towards better health, more energy, improved mental capacity and longevity. --- Have a kick ass week everyone! In Health, Dr. Devin Shea, DC  

Podcast episodes I am recommending: The Aligned Life Podcast: Ep #56 Favorite Things If you are wanting more items that I use regularly to live an "Aligned Life", check out this episode I did a couple years ago on our podcast!  You can also find over 100 other episodes on our website at Kitchen gadget I am using: Bialetti Express Coffee Pot For Father's Day this year my family gave me a really fun way to make our morning coffee! The backstory on this gift goes like this

Book I am reading: Life Visioning by Michael Beckwith Are you feeling stuck right now?  I know I have felt that way over the past few months.  In trying to pull myself back into a productive mode I have been listening to this book from Beckwith over the past two weeks.  He describes four stages of spiritual growth that allow for the realization of your life's purpose.  The four stages include; victim, manifestor, channel, being.  I absolutely love the framework that he provides as well as the meditations that he includes throughout the book.  Take a listen.  You will thank me for it! Free movie I am watching: Just Mercy This week I grabbed a couple of hours to watch a FREE film (on amazon prime this week) that I feel like is relevant to our current social environment.  Just Mercy, starring Jamie Foxx and Michael B. Jordan, tells of a young African American Harvard graduate lawyer (Bryan Stephenson) who starts his law practice in Alabama attempting to assist inmates on death row.  Each of the men he works with have been serving life sentences due to the lack of a fair trial, including significant racial prejudice.  Although this movie is hard to watch at some points due to the hate exhibited by the police it is a great reminder as to why we must push for change in our country.  Bryan Stephenson has also come out with a book by the same name (Just Mercy) that is supposed to be amazing.  Enjoy! Quote I am pondering: "Until the color of a man's skin is of no more significance than the color of his eyes, me say war." ~ Haile Selassie and later used by Bob Marley in his song "War" One of my all-time favorite songs is "War" by Bob Marley.  Marley, who took the lyrics from a speech given by Haile Selassie, directly addresses the division between "first class" and "second class citizens" based upon race.  He also talks of a lack of peace that will continue until this separation is eliminated.  Unfortunately, because we as a society have yet to be able to create a free and just culture, we have run up against this problem once again.  I am hopeful that although we may need to experience pain as a country for a while to get there, that this time we will raise our collective consciousness to a level that recognizes that all people, INCLUDING BLACK PEOPLE,

Letter I am reading: The Paradox of Our Age "We have bigger houses but smaller families; more convenience, but less time.  We have more degrees, but less sense; more knowledge but less judgement; more experts, but more problems; more medicines but less healthiness.  We've been all the way to the moon and back, but have trouble in crossing the street to meet our neighbor.  We built more computers to hold more copies than ever, but have less real communication; we have become long on quantity, but short on quality.  These are times of fast foods but slow digestion; tall men but short characters; Steep profits but shallow relationships.  It's a time when there is much in the window but nothing in the room." ~ Dalia Lama Project I am completing: Wooden Bike Trailer Guys!  I found a way for you to build exercise into your daily life that also reduces your carbon footprint. You game?  Build a small, but sturdy bike trailer and use it to run all of your errands that are in close proximity to your home.  I first got this idea from Mr. Money Mustache about 18 months ago.  He specializes in helping people retire early.  For the design, I measured the dimensions needed to carry four grocery bags at a time.  I also salvaged two different bike tires from old bikes that my kids were not using anymore.  For a more detailed explanation on how to build one of these, check out this YouTube video I used as an approximate template.  Happy Riding! Quote I am pondering: "What if 2020 isn't cancelled?  What if 2020 is the year we've been waiting for?  A year so uncomfortable, so painful, so scary, so raw that it finally forces us to grow.  A year that screams so loud, finally awakening us from our ignorant slumber.  A year we finally accept the need for change.  Declare change.  Work for change.  Become the change.  A year we finally band together, instead of pushing each other further apart.  2020 isn't cancelled, but rather the most important year of them all.  ~ Leslie Dwight --- Have a kick ass week everyone! In Health, Dr. Devin Shea, DC