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On this episode of the Aligned Life Podcast, Dr. Shea and Rachel explore some of their favorite life hacks and shortcuts that they use on a regular basis to live an “aligned life.” These simple tips and strategies can help you be more productive on a regular basis, which will add up exponentially in the long run. If you’re looking to make your daily routine more fun, while cutting down on time, give this episode a listen!

School’s out for summer and the season for travel is upon us. Whether you have a summer vacation planned or you frequently travel for work, staying healthy while on the go will be super critical for your overall health and happiness. Below are some easy tips to help you navigate the travel scene so you can sail (or fly) smoothly to your destination. 1) Pack quality snacks to have on hand Airports are filled with all kinds of sugary and fatty treats. Arm yourself with quality snacks in your carry-on so you can give a firm “no thank you” to all airport/airplane temptations. My go-to snack options: Coconut oil packets- quality fat to add to coffee to make it bulletproof Olive oil and vinegar packets to add to packaged salads (Kasandrinos is my favorite.) Dried meats, meat bars, & jerky (Epic & Thunderbird are my favorites.) Nut butter or coconut butter packets (Justins, Artisana) Avocados Baby food packets (Yes, adults can eat these too! Just look for organic and no added sugars.) **Pro tip: As long as your liquid food items are under 3.4oz, you’re good to go through security. While you can pack a travel-sized packet of almond butter, I would not recommend a regular-sized jar as it may become liquid at room temperature and therefore will be over the allowed limit. 2) Bring your own premade food Planes allow for coolers/lunch boxes as a carry-on item, so you can pack your meals and avoid airport food all together. As long as your ice packs are frozen when you go through security, you should have no issues. If space is limited and you don’t have room for a small cooler, pack a disposable Tupperware container and recycle it at your destination. You can freeze items before which will thaw out and be ready to eat after a few hours. I like to make my own protein bars to pack with me. Get creative, as the possibilities are endless. **What not to eat on planes: Be aware of thy neighbor while travelling in a small, confined space. Avoid packing tuna, hard-boiled eggs, seafood, or any other strong smelling foods to keep everyone on the plane from being mad at you. 3) Pack any necessary food staples that will help keep you on track in your checked luggage Because I try and stay dairy-free, having a can of coconut milk in my suitcase is an essential for my morning coffee routine. Other items I like to

On this week’s episode of The Aligned Life Podcast, Dr. Shea & Rachel are discussing one of the common issues we all deal with, injury. Whether you are a CrossFit athlete or haven’t worked out in years, we all experience injuries. Because movement is a required nutrient for homeostasis, susceptibility to injury is increased. Dr. Shea and Rachel believe you can still train while injured if you learn how to listen to your body, understand your body’s healing process, create a game plan for recovery, adapt a mindset of healing and work towards minimizing other stressors in your life. Listen to this episode for a breakdown of steps you can take to expedite healing time so you can get back to your healthy and active lifestyle.

Special guest, Stephanie Vanlochem, NTP joins The Aligned Life Podcast this week to chat all about how real, colorful food can be nourishing for both the mind and body. Stephanie is Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and the founder of Cook By Color Nutrition where she teaches clients to find sustainable practices to feeding themselves, and their families for health and enjoyment! Her mission is to meet people where they are in their journey and help them find their optimal wellness by cultivating realistic food and lifestyle habits to support their goals and needs. Throughout the episode, Stephanie provides her list of action steps to start adding more color to any meal while keeping things simple in the kitchen. Listen to her personal story of transforming from a dead end job that lacked passion to the vibrant, colorful, and exciting career she has today. Check out Stephanie on Instagram @cookbycolor and via her website

On this week’s episode of The Aligned Life Podcast, Dr. Shea & Rachel are chatting all about the big “S” word, stress. Stress is anything that is perceived by your nervous system as a threat. Dr. Shea and Rachel define the different types of stress including physical, emotional, environmental, and chemical stressors and discuss the health impacts on the body. When our bodies are in a state of chronic stress, immune system functioning is compromised, insulin resistance increases, hormones become imbalanced and inflammation in the body increases. Long-term, prolonged stress can lead you down a path of illness and disease such as cancer, stroke, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis & more. On this episode, Dr. Shea and Rachel provide guidance and resources so you can assess your stressors more objectively, manage your perceptions around stress and take back control of your health.