Tips for Navigating a Healthy Travel Experience

School’s out for summer and the season for travel is upon us. Whether you have a summer vacation planned or you frequently travel for work, staying healthy while on the go will be super critical for your overall health and happiness. Below are some easy tips to help you navigate the travel scene so you can sail (or fly) smoothly to your destination.

1) Pack quality snacks to have on hand

Airports are filled with all kinds of sugary and fatty treats. Arm yourself with quality snacks in your carry-on so you can give a firm “no thank you” to all airport/airplane temptations.

My go-to snack options:

  • Coconut oil packets- quality fat to add to coffee to make it bulletproof

  • Olive oil and vinegar packets to add to packaged salads (Kasandrinos is my favorite.)

  • Dried meats, meat bars, & jerky (Epic & Thunderbird are my favorites.)

  • Nut butter or coconut butter packets (Justins, Artisana)

  • Avocados

  • Baby food packets (Yes, adults can eat these too! Just look for organic and no added sugars.)

**Pro tip: As long as your liquid food items are under 3.4oz, you’re good to go through security. While you can pack a travel-sized packet of almond butter, I would not recommend a regular-sized jar as it may become liquid at room temperature and therefore will be over the allowed limit.

2) Bring your own premade food

Planes allow for coolers/lunch boxes as a carry-on item, so you can pack your meals and avoid airport food all together. As long as your ice packs are frozen when you go through security, you should have no issues. If space is limited and you don’t have room for a small cooler, pack a disposable Tupperware container and recycle it at your destination. You can freeze items before which will thaw out and be ready to eat after a few hours. I like to make my own protein bars to pack with me. Get creative, as the possibilities are endless.

**What not to eat on planes: Be aware of thy neighbor while travelling in a small, confined space. Avoid packing tuna, hard-boiled eggs, seafood, or any other strong smelling foods to keep everyone on the plane from being mad at you.

3) Pack any necessary food staples that will help keep you on track in your checked luggage

Because I try and stay dairy-free, having a can of coconut milk in my suitcase is an essential for my morning coffee routine. Other items I like to pack in my checked luggage are tins or packets of tuna, salmon, sardines, extra protein bars, Nutpods, and supplements (see next tip all about supplements).

4) Always pack your supplements

Supplements can either go on your carry-on or packed suitcase. I always travel with my collagen, digestive enzyme, and probiotics. Travel and vacation are not the time to skimp out on your supplement routine. In fact, if there is any time to give your body some extra TLC with supplement support, it’s during a time of travel. TSA is not concerned about your powdered products, but if you feel nervous about packing your white powder collagen in your carry-on, put the container in your checked bag.

5) Bring your own water bottle

Most airports have self-service water filters near the bathrooms. Pack your refillable bottle and hydrate before, during, and after your flight. Because flying is extra dehydrating, making sure you get adequate water before and after your flight is essential. You should aim for ½ your body weight in ounces of water per day and add at least 30oz of additional water on travel days.

6) Exploring airport food options

If you’re in a pinch or choose to eat at the airport, do not fret. There are healthier options. My go-to is to try and find a restaurant where I can get a bunless burger or lettuce-wrapped sandwich. Most places have salad options too, so if you can omit the pre made dressing by bringing your own packets, you’ll be better off. If you’re navigating the premade snack options, read your labels. Try and look for whole foods, free of vegetable and canola oils, refined sugars, soy and other ingredients you cannot pronounce. Mixed nuts or beef jerky are typically a good option, so check your ingredients. Most airports are now carrying RXBars- look around a bit and see what healthier snacks you can find.

7) When you’re traveling by car

The same tips apply when you’re travelling for work or vacation via car, except you have more options! My one tip for car rides is to pack your meals and snacks but keep the cooler in the trunk. That way, you’re forced to pull over, take a moment, stretch your legs, and mindfully eat your food. Car rides can provide an excuse for mindless eating and snacking. Know yourself, pack what you enjoy, and then intentionally take the time to eat your food at a rest stop.

For more tips and travel tricks, make sure you’re subscribed toThe Aligned Life Podcast. We have an episode coming out on June 21st all about how to stay healthy while traveling.

We hope you have a happy and safe travel season!!

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