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Some may know that one of my favorite things to do is travel.  For me the ability to get out of my comfort zone and see places and things I never thought were possible amazes me.  I haven't been to a lot of places, but the places I have been able to see were spectacular.  By far my favorite place to this date would have to be the Maldives.  From the moment we arrived from our 30 hour flight (whew that was rough) the water was a blue I have never seen.  I grew up in Hawaii and I thought I saw pretty water.  Let me tell you it was breath taking

Video I am recommending: The 4 Stages of Health Consciousness Have you ever felt like you had all the right strategies to accomplish a goal and yet you still missed the mark?  If so, you may be missing the proper mindset to achieve your desired outcome.  To truly master your health and life, take a look at the above linked video to identify your current level of consciousness AND learn how to get to the next stage! Social media page I am following: Instagram @AlignedLifeWellness Are you wanting to implement the Aligned Life principles more in your daily life?  Jump on over to our Instagram page and click "Follow" to check out more health tips, recipes, mindset pearls, and lifestyle recommendations.  This page will give you direct access to me including the chance to ask questions and see exactly what I am up to.  We have been adding a ton more content to this page over the last few months and I hope it will help to spark your interest in more ways to level up your health! Quote I am repeating: "Your personal purpose must align with universal purpose which is awakening consciousness. " ~ Eckhart Tolle If you have ever felt like you are pushing a boulder up hill in any area of your life it may mean your goals and what the universe wants from you are not in congruence.  This lack of alignment with block you from getting into a flow state.  When you feel blocked, I recommend asking yourself, "How can I help others and be doing what I love?" and "How can I present myself at my very best today?" --- Have a kick ass week everyone! In Health, Dr. Devin Shea, DC  

Video I am recommending: "DIY Your Ergonomic Home Workstation" Are you working from home due to shelter in place?  If so, you need a work space that will not screw up your spine and posture.  For all the details on how to easily and cheaply set up your ideal ergonomic work space click on the link above! Podcast I am listening to: Oprah's Super Soul Conversations with Eckhart Tolle Chapter 1-10 from "A New Earth" Have you ever desired to answer the BIG QUESTIONS of life?  Who am I? What am I here for? What is my purpose? And so many more.  If so, please give the above podcast episode series a listen.  Author and speaker Eckhart Tolle discusses each chapter of his incredible book "A New Earth".  The combination of his simple descriptions of complicated topics, paired with Oprah's down to earth commentary and real time questions from people around the world, make this 10 part series seriously implementable.  This is a gold mine of spiritual information! Quote I am repeating: "For you to know anything, it must arise from within you." ~ Eckhart TolleYour consistent and long term commitment to personal growth is the most important work you will ever do.  The reason for this, is who you are determines how you respond to everything.  We all understand that two people watching the same event can have totally different impressions.  The individual who has prepared, who has stayed disciplined and has developed a deep understanding of themselves will bring forth positive changes in our world.  Thank you for your consistent commitment to living an "Aligned Life!" --- Have a kick ass week everyone! In Health, Dr. Devin Shea, DC  

Experience I am raving about:  Bioluminesence in San Diego If you are looking for something to do at night during the shelter in place I strongly recommend taking a drive over to the beach to check out this spectacular natural occurrence.  During the "red tide" in which a specific type of algae bloom the water, especially inside a crashing wave, appears to glow an unearthly blue/green color!  We also found that doing the moon walk (think Michael Jackson) or stepping heavily in the area where the water is very shallow, lights up under your feet.  I have lived in San Diego for 40 years and this was one of my favorite experiences yet.  If you are concerned about being around other people you can still view this amazing site from you car.  Take a look, you will not be disappointed! Documentary I am watching:  The Barkley Marathons Would you be crazy enough to enter a race in the back country of Tennessee that has been running for 25 years with only 10 actual finishers?  What if I told you that it cost $1.60 for your entry fee, plus a license plate from your home town?  What if you knew that the race consisted of five loops around a 20 mile course including 60,000 feet of elevation gain (if you did all five loops)?  Lastly, the cutoff time is 60 hours.  Would you still be game?  If you are saying, "hell no" I don't blame you.  If you think this sounds like a very entertaining and inspiring documentary, you would be correct. You can find this on Amazon Prime if you are looking to learn more about this outrageous competition! Quote I am pondering: " If uncertainty is unacceptable to you, it turns into fear. If it is perfectly acceptable, it turn into increased aliveness, alertness and creativity." ~ Ekhart Tolle in A New Earth Within our current situation, massive uncertainty exists.  Therefore it is essential to recognize that how you choose to handle perceive what is happening around us is entirely up to you.  You call the shots on how you will respond.  Be present, be aware and identify what you are solving for before making up your mind. --- Have a kick ass week everyone! In Health, Dr. Devin Shea, DC