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Video I am recommending: The 4 Stages of Health Consciousness
Have you ever felt like you had all the right strategies to accomplish a goal and yet you still missed the mark?  If so, you may be missing the proper mindset to achieve your desired outcome.  To truly master your health and life, take a look at the above linked video to identify your current level of consciousness AND learn how to get to the next stage!

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Quote I am repeating: “Your personal purpose must align with universal purpose which is awakening consciousness. ” ~ Eckhart Tolle
If you have ever felt like you are pushing a boulder up hill in any area of your life it may mean your goals and what the universe wants from you are not in congruence.  This lack of alignment with block you from getting into a flow state.  When you feel blocked, I recommend asking yourself, “How can I help others and be doing what I love?” and “How can I present myself at my very best today?”

Have a kick ass week everyone!
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Dr. Devin Shea, DC


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