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Strategy I am implementing: Kid's Vision Boards Do you find that it is difficult to keep your kids engaged and on a schedule during the summer?  If so, try out this new strategy I am implementing with my kid's.  First, sit down with your kids and ask them what they want to accomplish by the end of the year.  This could include goals from all categories of life (health, financial, personal growth, spiritual growth, etc.).  Next, go to google images and have them search for pictures that represent to them achieving each of their objectives.  Then, save these pictures to the desktop of your computer.  Once this is done, open Google Slides and drag each picture onto a single slide.  Make sure to size them so that they all fit on one page.  I also recommend, in list form, write out all of the goals on the side.  Save this file and then print it in as big a format as you can in color.  I did this at Kinkos and printed them on foam board so they would be more durable.  Post this in a place that is highly visible to them on a daily basis.  Lastly, review how they are doing in respect to achieving their goals at your weekly family meeting.  This one thing, if done well, can teach your kids how to create the life of their dreams! Exercise I am enjoying: Rucking To "ruck" means "to find meaning in the beauty of shared pain, to seek challenges that demand growth, and to serve something greater than yourself" according to the website  One way to experience this phenomenon is to load up a backpack with some weights (the amount is determined by the individual) and go for a long walk with your friends.  This past weekend, with the encouragement from a fellow Aligned Life'r I had the opportunity to participate in the Friar 5k.  A virtual "anytime, anywhere" event in which we "rucked" around downtown San Diego.  Community, exercise, discomfort, great conversation and some really good Vitamin D are all things I gained from this opportunity.  If this sounds like something you would be interested in, go check out the website mentioned above to join the "GoRuck Tribe" for daily inspiration, book recommendations, events and community! Quote I am loving: "If you have to sign a release form, it is probably worth doing." ~ Unknown One of the main topics of conversation this weekend at the Friar

In the beginning, deciding on a goal gives you clarity on where to focus your energy.  However, once you have chosen a goal to achieve I have found that one of the most effective strategies to achieve your vision is to detach from the outcome.  What this means, is you set your intention and then you relinquish control on how things come to pass.  In my personal life, I use a vision board that lives on the counter in my bathroom.  The pictures remind me of the goals I will achieve and encourage me to continue working towards them regularly.  This being said, I often find that how I complete the goals are very different than how I originally thought they would be finished.  By remaining open to all the possibilities of accomplishing things it allows you to be more productive, creative and successful.  This detached state also allows you to eliminate the daily frustration that can be tied to a goal as it is being developed.  Especially with longer term goals the daily struggle is very real.  Avoid this pitfall by detaching from the outcome and you will be more likely to get through the daily grind necessary to get things done. A wise friend once told me, "You can only track your output."  What he meant was, you can't always control how things play out.  Even when you have a "perfect" plan, sometimes life intervenes and you are stymied.  However, you can always control how much energy you are putting towards your goals.  By staying focused on the things you can control you take a very practical and emotionless approach towards goal achievement.  Keep in mind, this does not mean that you don't feel a deep sense of drive and connection to your goals.  It just means you can get through things when times get tough and you feel like you are not making progress. When it comes to your health, the one success strategy that relates strongly with the concept of detaching from the outcome, is being willing to reinitiate your health building behaviors when you loose momentum. It is not the person who never falls off their healthy routines that is the least likely to get sick or injured.  It is instead the person who falls off many times, but who is willing to get back on track even when it feels overwhelming.   To that end, set your goals,

Research article I am reviewing: Chronic Spinal Pain: A Randomized Clinical Trial Comparing Medication, Acupuncture and Spinal Manipulation(Chiropractic).   Spine, July 15, 2003; 28(14): 1490-1502 In the journal "Spine" in 2003 an interesting study was done that compared patients who had chronic back pain for between 4 to 8 years.  These individuals received either drugs (Celebrex or Vioxx), acupuncture or chiropractic adjustments.  The results were as follows;  -the percentage of people who became completely asymptomatic following a nine week intervention: Drugs = 5%, Acupuncture = 9.4%, Chiropractic = 27.3% -the percentage of people who suffered an adverse event following treatment: Drugs = 6.1%, Acupuncture = 0%, Chiropractic = 0% -the percentage of people with improvement in general health status: Drugs = 18%, Acupuncture = 15%, Chiropractic 47% Results: Chiropractic was more effective in resolving pain, safer and provided an overall health improvement that was far greater than acupuncture or drugs.  Strategy I am cultivating: Family Education Curriculum Guys, I am really trying to teach my kids how to be good human beings.  As a parent I feel this is my highest calling.  Having made a massive amount of mistakes in my life I am hoping to help my children avoid a few of the pitfalls I have experienced. To this end, I am implementing an educational curriculum that spans the length of one calendar year and then repeats.  Each month we are discussing one topic associated with being a good person.  To make this easier on myself, I am drawing on Jordan Peterson's book "12 Rules For Life" and having one rule be the theme for each month out of the year. These themes are discussed at our weekly family meetings and then brought up in teachable moments when applicable.  I have purchased a poster of the "12 Rules" and have hung it on a wall that is seen when getting to the top of the stairs in our home.  I am hoping that the constant reminders, deep discussions and regular reminders is enough to steer our boys in the right direction.  If you like this concept please implement the ideas, put your own spin on it and let me know your thoughts!   Quote I am loving: "He who does not research has nothing to teach." ~ Proverb The word "doctor" means teacher.  When I think about the great teachers I have had throughout my life they all used research to help support their opinions.  The conference in Boise this past weekend was a chance to

Trail I am hiking: Santa Margarita River Trail If you are local to the San Diego area, I found a hidden gem of a hike this weekend with the family.  This trail is located about 40 minutes north along the 15 freeway if you were leaving from the Aligned Life office location.  There is free parking at the trailhead. The path travels along the river which is currently full with water, tadpoles and fish.  It is rocky in some spots but very flat for the majority of the time.  There are large trees that provide the occasional shaded area making this doable even if you get a late start.  My boys enjoyed it so much they asked if we could go again the following day with their bathing suits so they could get all the way into the river.  If you are in the mood for an adventure, give this one a shot! Lifetime goal I am achieving:  La Jolla Cove to La Jolla Shores and back swim Growing up in San Diego I have always thought it would be incredible to swim the distance between the Cove and the Shores in La Jolla.  Having never done ocean swimming and considering it is a two mile round trip, this feat seemed largely impossible.  After two years of endurance training and the help of a friend who had done this before I was able to successfully complete the swim on Saturday!  We even had the good fortune of having four dolphins swim right under us in less than 10 feet of water.  I am proud of being able to overcome my anxiety of ocean swimming and am excited about the future for more adventures! Quote I am pondering: "Start by doing what is necessary, then do what is possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible." ~ Francis of Assisi On the drive back home after completing the swim in La Jolla I had a profound sense that this previously impossible feat was very symbolic of much of my life and the lives of others.  We are so good at getting comfortable with the things we know.  We can even begin to believe that anything outside of that bubble is scary.  However, accomplishing this goal of swimming came relatively easy.  My success formula went like this; clearly identify what I want to achieve.  Next, place a picture of the thing on my bathroom mirror. Then identify a path.  Practice regularly.  Followed