How to Get 2020 Vision With Your Health Goals This Year

Each year, the month of January encourages people to take inspired action unlike any other time.  It seems as if we are far more open to change throughout this 30 day stretch.  New ideas, new goals and getting a fresh start is what the month is all about.  That being said, I am constantly shocked by how many people fail to set specific goals around their health.  They have ten goals for their business or professional life, twenty for the things they want to buy this year, and tons of suggestions on where they want to travel, and yet they are missing a key piece towards achieving all of those things…THEIR HEALTH!  Your mental and physical health is the number one characteristic that can either propel you towards your goals, or if not prioritized, keep you from reaching your goals.
This thinking error can be eliminated if you take the time to create a set of core values and put them in order of priority.  Think of this as a way to help you make key decisions in your life based upon what you feel is most important.  This deliberate ranking system helps you to avoid making rash, emotion-based decisions that typically lead to incongruency and destruction.  To give you an idea of how this works, my personal core values are as follows: 1) Family 2) Health 3) Service To Others 4) Fun 5) Finances.  In order to create this list, I have thought hard about what gives me a sense of happiness and purpose.  On many instances, I have changed the order of these items or added and deleted items over time.  As with many things, this practice of defining your core values is a journey and not a destination, although I believe you will find that many of the same items are reocurring.
All of this being said, as you step into the first few days of 2020, I strongly encourage you to gain clarity on who you are by defining your core values.  As a part of this exercise include your health and break it up into four categories.  The four categories include: Exercise, Nutrition, Emotional Health and Structure(Posture).  For each category assign one goal that if achieved would make all of the other goals in this category irrelevant.  The more specific you are about each of these goals, the better your chance of completing them.  So visualize exactly what each of those items look and feels like and commit with your whole self to achieve them in the next 365 days.
At Aligned Life Chiropractic and Wellness, we are genuinely excited to partner with you in your mission to become the best version of yourself.  So no matter what your health goals include this year, please look to gain support, encouragement and guidance from one of the staff of members.  We can’t wait to celebrate with you upon completion of your 2020 vision!

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