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Trail I am hiking: Santa Margarita River Trail If you are local to the San Diego area, I found a hidden gem of a hike this weekend with the family.  This trail is located about 40 minutes north along the 15 freeway if you were leaving from the Aligned Life office location.  There is free parking at the trailhead. The path travels along the river which is currently full with water, tadpoles and fish.  It is rocky in some spots but very flat for the majority of the time.  There are large trees that provide the occasional shaded area making this doable even if you get a late start.  My boys enjoyed it so much they asked if we could go again the following day with their bathing suits so they could get all the way into the river.  If you are in the mood for an adventure, give this one a shot! Lifetime goal I am achieving:  La Jolla Cove to La Jolla Shores and back swim Growing up in San Diego I have always thought it would be incredible to swim the distance between the Cove and the Shores in La Jolla.  Having never done ocean swimming and considering it is a two mile round trip, this feat seemed largely impossible.  After two years of endurance training and the help of a friend who had done this before I was able to successfully complete the swim on Saturday!  We even had the good fortune of having four dolphins swim right under us in less than 10 feet of water.  I am proud of being able to overcome my anxiety of ocean swimming and am excited about the future for more adventures! Quote I am pondering: "Start by doing what is necessary, then do what is possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible." ~ Francis of Assisi On the drive back home after completing the swim in La Jolla I had a profound sense that this previously impossible feat was very symbolic of much of my life and the lives of others.  We are so good at getting comfortable with the things we know.  We can even begin to believe that anything outside of that bubble is scary.  However, accomplishing this goal of swimming came relatively easy.  My success formula went like this; clearly identify what I want to achieve.  Next, place a picture of the thing on my bathroom mirror. Then identify a path.  Practice regularly.  Followed

Video series I am publishing:  10-Steps To Lifetime Wellness This week I began a project that I am really excited about sharing with you.  After being a collegiate athlete, a chiropractor for 13 years and a certified strength and conditioning specialist I have seen a number of themes show up in regards to getting and keeping people healthy.  For the past year I have been synthesizing my thoughts on the most important concepts you must understand to create lifetime wellness.  For a master class on the philosophies, science and art of human health, check out (and subscribe if you would like) to my YouTube channel.  I will be posting one new video each week over the next 10 weeks for you to check out.  Please let me know if you have any questions after viewing the content and feel free to share them with anyone who you will feel will benefit. It is my sincere hope that these 10-Steps will radically change your life! Book I am hearing: 12 Rules For Life by Jordan Peterson It has been a while since I have read anything profound.  However, after a string of misfires I believe I have found a winner to recommend to you.  12 Rules For Life is an extremely well written, deeply researched and artfully crafted book about Peterson's thoughts on creating a life well lived.  One of his major premises is being able to find a middle ground between chaos and organization. Peterson believes that this grey area is where people are most likely to thrive.  If you have a long road trip or flight coming up this summer this may be the perfect resource to fill your time (the audio presentation is about 15 hours).  Enjoy! Quote I am loving: "Rule #1: Stand up straight with your shoulders back." ~ Jordan Peterson in 12 Rules For Life I began listening to Peterson's audiobook during a run last week.  When he announced that his first rule for life was, "Stand up straight with your shoulders back" I laughed out loud.  Despite looking like a lunatic, this message as you might imagine given my profession, definitely resonates with me.  Peterson, who is not a doctor, talks about the positive health and mental changes associated with the upright posture.  Mood, confidence, cosmetics, breath, performance and many other benefits are discussed.  Beyond these concepts is the ability of creating an inward sense and outward appearance of determination despite your external environment.  This message, which

Podcast I am hearing: Rich Roll Podcast with guest Matthew Walker Do you have trouble getting to sleep?  Do you wake up in the middle of the night? Do you wake up and feel like you need another hour of rest?  If so, do yourself and anyone who lives with you a favor and listen to this 3 hour long master class on sleep.  All I can say is that it created a profound difference in the way I look at this entire topic.  Enjoy! Book I am reading: You2 by Price Pritchett I am constantly searching for things that can quickly and easily change my thoughts from the typical daily to-do list, into something more meaningful.  This tiny (60 pages) book did just that.  Pritchett discusses how we often look to create slow incremental changes in our lives through sheer will power and trying harder.  Although this is a good way of behaving it can cause burnout and ultimately short change what you are capable of creating in your life.  In contrast, he suggests to look towards more unconventional thinking and promotes exponential growth strategies.  If you need a quick mindset shift, grab a copy of this little gem! Quote I am pondering: "Quantum leaps require paradoxical behavior.  Unusual moves.  Actions that on the surface often seem to contradict common sense." ~ Price Pritchett in You2To change your life on a massive scale you must do things differently.  You must change your thinking.  You are required to step into the unknown.  All of these new ways of doing things can be scary.  However, if you think about any of the major changes in our society, each of them were initially met with concern and even anger.  Be bold, stay focused and trust your gut.  Exponential growth can be right around the corner if you are willing to stay the course! --- Have a kick ass week everyone! In Health, Dr. Devin Shea, DC

Trend I am noticing: The Mom Spiral Cycle Throughout my 13 years in clinical practice I have noticed that certain things will show up repeatedly in the patient population at Aligned Life.  One, that came up on multiple occasions this past week, is what I call the "Mom Spiral".  Here's how it goes; you take a healthy mother, you expose her to the responsibility of children, a career, a needy husband, the demands of the modern world and her desire to be the glue that holds all of this together.  At first, this mother is thriving, albeit with considerable effort.  However, after a period of time she begins to falter.  At first, these incidents seem small.  A little neck and shoulder ache.  A mild strain of her lower back. A headache that keeps showing up by the end of the week.  And so it goes.  The mother recognizes in this moment she really could use some body work and self care but she is "just too busy" and doesn't feel "justified to put money towards herself when there are so many other valid demands for her families resources."  Until one day, when the stress level peaks and everyone is counting on her to make it all happen, her body gives up.  She becomes highly symptomatic and all the balls she was juggling for so long finally drop.  Not only does she feel the pain of her physical body, but also the weight of letting down her family, her employer and herself.  Despite her best intentions, her inability to see how important she was in keeping the entire system functioning put her entire world in jeopardy.   By not advocating for her own health to do the small steps necessary to prioritize her wellness, she inadvertently caused everyone in her immediate circle undue stress.  If you can relate to this cycle and are not doing something about it (i.e. getting adjusted, massages, yoga, walking, etc.) then you and the people around you are heading in a similar direction.  Please learn from the struggles that others have faced, take responsibility for your health, get a game plan and execute because you, your family, your career and your impact on the world are worth it! Project I am completing: Grape Vine Arch Trellis This weekend I took a trip to the Tractor Supply Store in Ramona, CA.  I picked up a 16 ft x 34 inch "hog fence".  For city folk, like me,

Concept I am exploring: Buying Criteria This week the question of how to make a great purchasing decision came up a lot.  When this is the case, I assume that the universe/God is trying to tell me something.  So, after speaking with a few wise individuals and pondering this concept, here are a few things to consider before deciding what to buy; 1.) How often will I use this product/service? 2.) Does it align with my core values? 3.) Will I still be using this one year from now? 4.) Has this been budgeted for? 5.) Will this provide me with a return on investment? 6.) Can I get this for less somewhere/sometime different? 7.) Can I borrow this from someone else? 8.) How long after the purchase will I feel excited about getting this product/service? Book I am hearing: Think Again by Adam Grant Learning new information can sometimes be hard.  That being said, relearning or having the courage to completely change your beliefs is considerably more challenging.  Grant, an organizational psychologist from the Wharton school of business, discusses why we tend to stick with our initial thoughts about a topic even in the face of considerable evidence to the contrary.  Wounds to our ego, mental anguish and massive focus are all needed to push past our current beliefs.  Ideally,  seeking out opposing views in order to expand our understanding of a topic is a necessary and consistent requirement of a worldly person. Quote I am loving: "Thinking like a scientist involves more than just reacting with an open-mind.  It means being actively open-minded.  It requires searching for reasons why we might be wrong, not for reasons why we might be right and revising our views based upon what we learn." ~ Adam Grant in Think AgainI have found that it is so much less energy to continually search for supportive information of my existing belief systems.  Social media, books, friendships, etc. are all considered fantastic when they have your same views.  In contrast, when influencers, textbooks and people have differing views they are considered draining, hard or "not my cup of tea".  This lack of being open to learning why someone may believe what they do has led our world into divisiveness, hostility and anger.  I believe that Grant's message could not be more relevant to our world.  Stay open my friends! --- Have a kick ass week everyone! In Health, Dr. Devin Shea, DC

Rituals take on the context of an action, or series of actions, that must occur in order for something extravagant to occur. When aligning yourself into a routine that continues to set you up for success day in and day out, you create opportunities for yourself by creating a blissful environment. Rituals require congruence with the mindset that enables you as the best version of your daily self. For example; Lets examine Seymour Wynns, a fictional person that is just like you. It's Monday. Seymour wakes up, drinks a glass of water, goes for a walk, drinks a cup of coffee and gets ready for an 8 hour shift at work. He's drained of energy but drags himself into the gym to do workouts he doesn't have motivation to do. He makes dinner and goes to sleep because Tuesday's only 6 hours away already. ---- Mundane right? What if Seymour Wynns took his normal routine and defined the extravagant event that comes with each preparatory step as the day unfolds? ---- It's a new day, Seymour is grateful for sleeping at an adequate time for him to get a full night's rest. He worked hard in the gym yesterday, and his body definitely needed some water replenishing after sleeping a full night and not drinking water while sleeping! He decides that walking, even a shorter distance than last week is a good way to begin the day. After his walk, his ritual of drinking coffee to enable him to start his day is fully appreciated. He has a great day at work, completed projects with his team, and completed his goal workout at the gym. His food tastes great because of the ritual of food for replenishment and a reward for a hard day's work remains a reminder that when he works with intention for himself, that he will always be rewarded. ---- Rituals take on the connotation of steps in place for a grand event. Making it through a Monday may be your extravagant event, or getting enough studying completed for an exam, or if it's getting to the health you deserve. The goals that require a couple (or more) steps to achieve can be perceived as too steep to overcome or stepping stones that give you enough vertical support to enjoy the peace that comes with helping out "future you" ~By Adrian Sotalbo

Health care strategy I am utilizing: Chiropractic With Massage Therapy This week I was wonderfully reminded of the power of chiropractic care in conjunction with massage therapy.  I know, this sounds ridiculous since I recommend this constantly to our community members.  However after a week off from work, poor eating, drinking and being more sedentary during our vacation time than normal, I was feeling really stiff and sore. I grabbed an adjustment and a 60-minute massage and overnight felt enormously better.  By pairing these two therapies that focus on different aspects of the body I noticed my range of motion improve and my comfort level skyrocket.  If you find that you have fallen off your self care routines lately then please make it a point to prioritize an adjustment and massage this week! TV show I am watching: Race To The Center of The Earth Do you enjoy reality tv?  How about adventure racing?  If so, this program is amazing.  Engaging, funny, heart wrenching and inspiring, Race To The Center of The Earth places four teams at four different locations around the world and has them work through countless obstacles on their way to finding one prize.  The prize is attached to a buoy in the middle of the ocean and underneath it, one million dollars has been stashed!  Give this a watch if you are looking for some genuine entertainment! Quote I am repeating: "A man is as young as his spinal column." ~ Joseph Pilates In the last 13 years of working with people from all walks of life I have seen a number of themes emerge in regards to the best practices for human health.  One of the most profound has been the importance of a strong, upright posture when looking to maintain performance, reduce pain and maximize quality of life.  In contrast to the common belief that all a person must do in order to be healthy is eat right and exercise, I whole heartedly attest to the idea that great posture must be added to this list.  Without it, chronic pain, loss of function and a loss of freedom ensue.  This week, make sure to be diligent in your pursuit of optimal spinal alignment through chiropractic adjustments, traction and postural exercises! --- Have a kick ass week everyone! In Health, Dr. Devin Shea, DC

Concept I am reviewing: Equality Versus Equity One of my most recent passions is healthcare equity.  I have long been frustrated that chiropractic care is often reserved only for individuals who have achieved a certain level of financial success.  In looking to understand what can and should be done to remedy this problem I came across a concern.  I was unable to tell the difference between "equality" and "equity".  If you are just as ignorant as I was then please read further.  The word "equality" means that all people would receive exactly the same level of healthcare in order to help them live successful and fulfilling lives.  This is problematic because not everyone is starting from the same point financially and has the same expectations.  In contrast "equity" involves trying to understand and give people what each individual needs in order to enjoy a successful and fulfilling life.  To summarize how I interpret this concept I would describe it with the following idea. To create an equitable solution in holistic healthcare a certain minimum standard of chiropractic service should be available to all people regardless of financial consideration.  This allows people who normally can't afford care, but who would still largely benefit, to receive some chiropractic. It would not be the highest quality but it would be a lot better than none at all.  In contrast, people who would like to pay for higher quality chiropractic services or pay for health insurance that would help them achieve such care, may do so if they wish.  I encourage you to think about your own industry and apply this concept of equality versus equity to your own situation to really understand the thought process! Book I am hearing: You Are An Ironman by Jacques Steinberg Last week I announced publicly that I have been provisionally accepted into the Santa Cruz Half Ironman race on Sept 12th, 2021.  A huge part of that journey is to learn the nuances of each of the three disciplines (swim, bike and run).  For example what to pack on race day, at what intervals to consume food and water, as well as how to avoid chafing in my nether regions (Yikes!).  One of the best ways I have found is to watch videos on the subject, listen to podcasts and listen to the aforementioned book on Audible.  Steinberg tells the tale of six individuals and chronicles their preparation and execution of Ironman Arizona in 2010.  Due

Position at Aligned Life I are hiring: Patient Care Coordinator Are you passionate about health?  Do you want to be a part of a team where you make a real difference in peoples lives?  Do you have an anatomy or physiology background?  Are you a powerful individual? Aligned life is growing again and looking to hire a high energy, health focused individual to help ensure the quality of every patient appointment.  This role will include providing hands on patient care in support of Dr. Shea, getting patients in and out of traction, assisting with explaining postural exercises to patients as well as administrative duties.  This position will require approximately 20-25 hours per week.  If you are a growth oriented individual who wants bring it every day, please take a look at our job posting on, answer the questions and submit a resume.  We look forward to speaking with you! Audiobook I am hearing: The Common Path To Uncommon Success by John Lee Dumas It has been a long time since I have written a negative review of a book I am listening to, however this definitely deserves a thumbs down.  To summarize this work, Dumas tells you multiple times about his path to success which, upon hearing the first time, seems to be the only valuable content.  The recommendations seem over simplified and not descriptive enough to actually help you become "Uncommonly Successful".  I am bummed because Dumas has come out with some good stuff over the years through his wildly successful podcast.  I guess we all deserve a mulligan! Quote I am pondering: "A year from now you may wish that you had started today!" ~ Karen Lamb One of the most rewarding aspects of my life is working with amazing people every day on my team.  In fact, at the end of my career I believe that the people who I will have influenced the most won't be my patients, but rather my team members.  It is always incredibly exciting for me to go through the hiring process.  You never know when the right person is going to walk through the door and absolutely change your life.  Over the 13 years I have lead Aligned Life I have had the chance to work with some absolutely dedicated and talented individuals.  Each of them contributed in their own way to creating the experience you go through as a member of the Aligned Life community.  In starting this new journey

Race I am running: Ironman 70.3 in Santa Cruz After months of trying, I am proud to announce that I have been accepted to run the Half Ironman on September 12, 2021!  The distances for the race are as follows; 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike and 13.1 mile run.  Having never done anything close to this level of intensity I can honestly say I am scared and excited.  Honestly, I am freaking out.  This race will be the culmination of over one and half years of training 6 days a week. It will also serve as a milestone for me following a very difficult time in my life.  However, before I can officially run this race and complete a bucket list goal, I need your help!  My acceptance into the race was pending my ability to raise $1750 for the Ironman Foundation.  The foundation attempts to provide funding for a number of important issues including COVID relief, racial equity, bicycles for children and hunger relief.  For the full story of my "Why" for doing this event and to donate directly online please click HERE.  I greatly appreciate your support and could not do this without your help.  Thank you! Vacation I am taking: The Week of April 12-16 Due to the blessing of being deemed an "Essential Business" throughout the past year and  attempting to navigate through the COVID affected world, I have not been able to take much time away from running the operation at Aligned Life.  This in conjunction with my boys being on spring break made it seem like the right time to take a step back for a week to get re-energized.  I recognize the impact on all of you who depend upon our facility to take care of your health and accordingly appreciate your patience.  I strongly recommend that you spend more time during the aforementioned week stretching, focusing on your body position habits, getting a massage (Stan is available for services in the office!), using your home traction orthotic and taking walks.  These behaviors will help you get to the following week without getting into a crisis.  Once again, I really appreciate the chance to get away and rest assured, I will be a better provider for you on the other side of the holiday! Quote I am loving: "The miracle isn't that I finished.  The miracle was that I had the courage to start!" ~Unknown I am not a very