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Audiobook I am hearingLiving With A Seal by Jesse Itzler
This week I listened to a short and entertaining book about a corporate executive who hired a navy seal to train and live with him for 31 days.  I found it humorous and motivating.  The seal he hired, turned out to be David Goggins.  Goggins not only went through seal training three times but also participated in Army Ranger school, completed multiple ultra-marathons, and is an overall bad-ass individual.  Hundreds of push-ups, miles of running, swimming in a frozen lake, and doing workouts in between meetings in a business suit are all experiences discussed in this book.  If you want a little exercise motivation, this quick read could be just what you need to get you back out there!

Research I am reading: Journal of Manipulative and Physiologic Therapeutics (JMPT) 30 (4): 263-9. June 2007. “Clinical utilization and cost outcomes from an integrative medicine independent physician association”
In a 7-year study, patients whose primary physician was a chiropractor experienced the following benefits; 60% fewer hospital admissions, 56% fewer days in a hospital, 62% fewer outpatient surgeries, and 85% fewer pharmaceutical costs.  The study was done by Dr. Richard Sarnat M.D. who went on to say the following, “I have always believed that the over-utilization of pharmaceuticals and surgery, and the underutilization of more natural healing techniques, such as Chiropractic, has been the cause of great suffering. Yet, I had no idea that the magnitude of both clinical improvements and cost-effectiveness would approach 50% in both cases.

“Previous studies have shown these types of savings when Chiropractic has been used as a first-line treatment for NMS (neuromusculoskeletal) ailments, instead of conventional medical care. But to see this level of effectiveness across the board for literally all types of clinical presentations within a primary care setting is surprising to me, and good news for the rest of the world.”

Quote I am pondering: “I don’t do shit for applause.  I don’t do shit for fanfare.  I do shit for me.” ~ David Goggins in Living With A Seal by Jesse Itzler
The longer I live, the more I resonate with the aforementioned idea.  I believe that you must do things you enjoy.  Especially, as an adult, there are fewer and fewer times in which people tell you you are doing a good job.  Accordingly, your actions must be self-motivated.  A self-driven person is a powerful force.  They can persist longer because they are not tied to others for enthusiasm.  This week, find what you love and do it for no other reason than you are worth it!

Have a kick ass week everyone!
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Dr. Devin Shea, DC

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