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Project I am completing: DIY Compost Bin
In excitement for a new law in California that requires composting, my boys and I made a wooden composting bin that will live on the side of our house.  The goal of the new law is to reduce organic waste by 75% by the year 2025.  In preparation for the build I watched a number of YouTube videos, including the one I linked above.  After careful consideration, I decided on a design that included an opening and closing lid, slated sides and a hinged lower door to allow access to the premium dirt at the bottom of the bin.  The materials were purchased from Home Depot (I only had to go back twice…winning!).  Banana peels, orange peels, grass and leaf clippings and even coffee grinds are all acceptable composting materials.  This project was inspired by watching the documentary I mentioned a few weeks back called The Biggest Little Farm.  To understand the importance of creating healthy soil is to understand the basic building blocks of our ecosystem and accordingly our own health as human beings.  This year, I strongly encourage you to consider getting involved in this new initiative and get your friends and family involved too.  It feels good to do your part in reducing our environmental impact!  

Show I am watching: Broken Bread 
This weekend I had the pleasure of watching a documentary series by celebrity chef Roy Choi.  Choi, an entrepreneur, activist and restauranteur tackles the most difficult and pressing issues we face in respect to all things food.  Who owns and controls our seeds, how we protect undocumented workers of the restaurant business, where we can find other sources of protein that don’t involve raising animals, how we can grow a garden even in the most unlikely of places and tons of other interesting and important topics are covered in a relaxed, real and interview style show.  This program has taught me a lot.  It has also reminded me of how small business owners play an enormous role in developing the dialogue around health and food in our community.  Broken Bread can be found on YouTube TV, PBS and on Amazon.  If you are in the mood for a productive form of binge watching, give this one a try.
Quote I am loving: “Our mission statement (for the show Broken Bread) is to look at the broken food system and find good people, doing great things, against all odds.” ~ Roy Choi Here are just a few of the enormous problems we face when it comes to our “broken food system”; major corporations owning and controlling the majority of the food producing seeds, protein rich diets that rely on massive amounts of animal protein that contribute to the majority of the pollution on our planet and government subsidies of corn causing devastating harm to our population in the form of diabetes, obesity and cancer.  Choi has chosen to use his celebrity for good by bringing these and many other food related issues into the spot light.  I encourage you to do your part by discussing these topics with your family and actively supporting businesses that are providing more that just their primary offering.  The bottom line is that we all need to do more to help others and our environment.

Have a kick ass week everyone!
In Health,
Dr. Devin Shea, DC

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