The Lonely Blog Post

Doing things on our own, in isolation, is difficult.  When we recognize and understand that our health is our number one priority, why would we attempt to do things the hard way?  So often I hear from patients that they have made it to the point in their life where they have had enough.  They are ready for change, they have increased their standards and they have a strategy in place to improve their heath.  Maybe they are going to eat better, work out again, meditate or stay on their prescribed adjustment frequency.  They start their new activity and for the first few days things are rolling along smoothly.  Unfortunately, everyone they turn to in their immediate family they have no support.  The rest of their family eats poorly, they don’t work out often, they are stressed out and aren’t getting adjusted.   Day after day of going against the grain wears them down.  Their error is not in trying to change, it is just they forgot that doing these new habits after the first two weeks takes more than just getting pumped up.  They are setting themselves up for another failure.  And when they do fail, this further cements the story they have made up about how they can’t sustain the health habits necessary to reach their goals.   So the cycle continues…
What if, this time, they did ONE thing different.  That one thing allowed them to not only maintain the energy necessary to get the long term outcome they desired, but also made it more fun, more exciting and helped another human being get well also?   What is that one thing?  Having a family member or multiple family members take part in the same health building activities increases our accountability, our support and ultimately our results!   We need to stop doing things of the highest importance on our own.  By advocating for our family members to get on track with our health we not only help the ones we love but also dramatically improve the likelihood that we will be successful ourselves!
To help you and your family obtain and maintain your health, which ultimately save you time and heartache,  Shea Family Chiropractic is offering a special for the month of October . For all family members of existing patients we are extending a complete chiropractic check up for only $45 ($250 value).  This offer includes the consultation with Dr. Shea, a complete chiropractic exam which includes posture photos and any necessary x-rays, as well as a report highlighting the important findings from your exam.  This offer does not include workers compensation or auto injury cases.  To take advantage of this amazing offer please call the office to schedule your appointment at (858) 312-5066 today!

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