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Video I am recommending: 2022 Goal Setting Workshop 
If you were unable to attend our Goal Setting Workshop we held in the office last week, don’t worry!  We have your back.  Check out the link above to gain massive clarity on your vision for the next year.  In the video, I lay out exactly what I did for myself, my family and my team to help us move directly towards our goals for 2022.  If you want to step into your potential and make an impact DO NOT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY! Clarity is the greatest accelerant to your goals.

Questions I am pondering:
Top 7 Questions To Make This Your Healthiest Year Ever

  1. How can I replace a toxic part of my lifestyle with purity?
  2. How can I replace a deficiency in my lifestyle with sufficiency?
  3. Who can become my coach in a part of my health I am struggling with?
  4. What habit can I commit to that will help me become the person I want to be?
  5. What is the most important thing I can improve in my health that will make all other aspects of my health easier or insignificant?
  6. What community/group can I join that will help make these changes fun?
  7. How would I need to behave if I were to complete all of my health changes in one tenth the time?

Quote I am loving: “Don’t expect different results when your habits are the same.” ~ Unknown
Bottom line is, you are what you do.  If you want to get different results you must do things differently.  This week, attempt to identify what skills you need to obtain to push you over the top of your goals.  Then ask yourself, “what habit can I implement today that will ensure my success?”.  Remember, you are worth it!  If you slip up periodically, stop the voice in your head that will shame you.  The most successful people on planet earth are not perfect.  They are just willing to start their habits again and again and again.  You are playing an infinite game.  Fight on!

Have a kick ass week everyone!
In Health,
Dr. Devin Shea, DC

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