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Gift I am giving: Closet Makeover
Last week was my wife’s birthday.  Her “One Thing” (most important goal for this year) for 2022 is organization.  To help her along her journey I decided to do a closet make-over for her present. After shopping the night before at The Container Store my boys and I spent most of Tuesday pulling everything out of her closet.  We then placed everything into categories such as shorts, pants, jackets, etc., color-coordinating everything from white to black and then placing them back in the space.  We also hung her hats on the wall, set up a shoe rack, and added a piece of art for visual interest.  All things considered, the end result was a shocking success.  Now, I understand that this topic does not have anything to do with health.  However, at Aligned Life, we focus on your daily behaviors and how they relate to your health.  We also believe wholeheartedly that your mental health impacts your overall health.  I feel that having a clean and organized space to work in is a huge part of maintaining efficiency and a positive state of mind.  If in doing a self-evaluation, find that your desk space is cluttered, your closet is untidy and your bathroom could use a deep cleaning, I encourage you to take the time this week to get organized!  You will be happier and healthier for your effort!

Event I am encouraging: Misogi
This is it!!! On Saturday March 26th from 9-11:30 Aligned Life will be hosting our first Misogi.  This community event will take place at Lake Hodges.  You will be encouraged to create your own adventure by either walking, jogging, running or adding a weight vest for as short or long as you would like.  To sign up and get all the details on this incredible opportunity, please click here!  I cannot wait to see you guys out on the hike and have a year-changing experience! 

Quote I am repeating: “To get rid of what you no longer need is neither wasteful nor shameful.” ~ Marie Kondo (organization expert and author of “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up)
Sometimes the most important and productive thing we can do is get rid of things that are no longer serving us.  I believe this concept can be utilized in any area of our lives from our relationships, our work, our time management, and in our homes.  Often, getting to the next level is not about adding something, but instead about letting something go without shame.  This week, be on the lookout for physical, mental, and emotional things that need to be let go.  Decide that you are better off without them, thank them for their previous service, and move forward!

Have a kick ass week everyone!
In Health,
Dr. Devin Shea, DC

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