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Twelve days of Christmas list I am loving: The 12 Things I Can’t Live Without
Just for fun this week I wanted to use a format I saw in a recent YouTube video from GQ magazine.  In these 10-minute segments, they ask musicians and celebrities to show and describe the 10 things they cannot live without.  I thought it was really fun to hear what and why they chose each item.  I have modified this concept to fit the 12 Days of Christmas theme, here goes;

  1. Garmin Watch: My family bought me the Garmin Fenix 5 Plus Sapphire in black last year for my birthday.  I track all of my fitness efforts on it, it uploads directly to Strava and I love the durability and look.
  2. Exercise Shoes: I have been wearing the Adidas Ultraboost in navy for the last two years.  I have logged hundreds of running miles in these.  They are comfy and durable.
  3. Backpack: I bought the 5.11 Tactical Rush24 2.0 Backpack 37 liter in black about 4 years ago.  It looks the same as the day I bought it despite wearing it every day to work, on hikes, and to the beach.  It has tons of secret pockets, one soft pocket for my sunglasses, and a place to add a plate for Rucking (hiking with a weight plate).
  4. Coffee: I am relatively addicted to coffee.  I love Peets Coffee.  Especially their Organic French Roast.  I recommend buying the big bag and saving on the cost!
  5. Wetsuit: I love body surfing, boogie boarding, surfing, and ocean swimming.  I wear the Xterra Vortex wetsuit that is made specifically for triathlon.  It is a pretty incredible value at only $149.
  6. Volleyball: As a previous Division 1 volleyball player at UC Irvine I always want to have a ball handy in case a game breaks out!  My boys and I play in the backyard with this beach version from Mikasa.
  7. Sonos Speakers:  I love reggae music and always have it playing around my home, in my bedroom, and in the backyard.  The Sonos system allows me to have the same or different music playing throughout.
  8. Chips, Salsa, and a Burrito:  My favorite food is Mexican.  Growing up in San Diego, I consider myself a burrito conisour.  My all-time favorite is at a locals-only spot at the premade counter at Seaside Market.  My favorite salsa is called Nopalito.  Delicious!
  9. Book: My favorite book has the worst title of all-time, Atomic Habits.  If you want to improve yourself next year, get yourself a copy and get to work.
  10. Truck: I bought my dream car 5 years ago.  It is a black Toyota Tundra Crewmax Limited. I love how big the cab is and how comfortable the ride is for a tall person.
  11. Foam Roll: I use this device every morning on my spine and legs.  I only recommend the black high-density version.  It will last about 2-3 years and then needs to be replaced.
  12. Green Smoothie: Every morning on my way to work I drink a green smoothie with the following ingredients; spinach, protein powder, spirulina, coconut manna, banana, almond milk, peanut butter, and ice.  I stole this recipe from Choice Juicery.  They call it the “Warrior” smoothie.

Have a kick ass week everyone!
In Health,
Dr. Devin Shea, DC

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