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Financial software I am using: Quicken
For many years I have been looking for a way to oversee my personal finances in a fast, comprehensive and easy to use fashion.  Upon the recommendation from my Dad I was able to implement this tool over the past week and have been really enjoying it.  Setting up savings pots for all of your financial priorities, automatically downloading your bank account transactions and displaying graphs with appropriate categories are all things I love about this software. If you need a little help getting your financial house in order, take a look at this product!

Book I am reading: Fix This Next by Mike Michalowicz
Are you a business owner?  Or, do you run your family like a business?  If you have ever felt confused about what to do next to move your life towards your goals give this a read.  Michalowicz, one of my favorite authors on all things pertaining to being an entrepreneur, has also written amazing references such as Profit First and The Pumpkin Plan.  My favorite section in his latest title is his use of an analogy between Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs and the 5 Steps a business must master.  These steps include sales, profit, order, impact and legacy.  By giving you a hierarchy of needs to improve your business he makes it obvious for you to choose what to be placed as the next priority.  Genius!

Quote I am loving: “The biggest problem business owners have, is they don’t know what their biggest problem is.”  ~ Mike Michalowicz in Fix This Next
I believe that this same philosophy can be said for many people when it comes to their health.  For example, if you identify that your body is breaking down, you get injured easily, you lack energy and you are feeling depressed, which of these issues do you address first and how do you go about fixing them.  To most, this becomes extraordinarily complicated and often leads to apathy, overwhelm or inaction.  This is why I often remind the patients of Aligned Life Wellness that there are four areas of your health you must be addressing; nutrition, movement, stress management and structure.  Another way of saying this is you must Eat Well, Move Well, Think Well and Be Structurally Well.  By putting your efforts towards these four categories you naturally move your body towards better health, more energy, improved mental capacity and longevity.

Have a kick ass week everyone!
In Health,
Dr. Devin Shea, DC


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