How To Move For Health

Moving your body on a regular basis is 100% an absolute must in order for you to express health and maintain homeostasis.  There are no shortcuts or substitutes for this required nutrient.  Looking back at how our genes were formed, in order for a human being to survive, we had to move in order to provide shelter, […]

Ep. 34: Examining the Human Connection with Guest, Kristy Malone, MFT

Marriage and Family Therapist, Kristy Malone joins The Aligned Life Podcast to chat all about love, connection, navigating relationships and the different adult attachment styles. In order to survive as human beings, we need a secure base in which we derive comfort and security from. From an evolutionary perspective, the need for closeness is embedded […]

Ep. 33: A Few of Our Favorite Things + Guilty Pleasures

We have a fun and light episode this week as Dr. Shea and Rachel chat all about their favorite things right now! They share their “must haves” and recommend products/activities in the categories of nutrition, movement, self-care, books, apps, and more! This episode is packed with recommendations and good laughs; you won’t want to miss […]

Spring Cleaning For Your Mind and Body

With the spring season newly upon us, it’s not uncommon to hear people discussing their plans for an annual “spring cleaning” of their homes and offices. When it comes to my own spring cleaning, I go for simplicity in the process: I ask myself: “Does this thing add value to my life?” If it does, […]