Ep. 34: Examining the Human Connection with Guest, Kristy Malone, MFT

Marriage and Family Therapist, Kristy Malone joins The Aligned Life Podcast to chat all about love, connection, navigating relationships and the different adult attachment styles. In order to survive as human beings, we need a secure base in which we derive comfort and security from. From an evolutionary perspective, the need for closeness is embedded in our genes and being close to others provided a survival advantage. In our modern world, the need for closeness and intimacy is sometimes viewed in a negative light and can be perceived as weakness. Kristy, Rachel and Dr. Shea dive deep into discussion about the different attachment styles (anxious, avoidant, secure) and how these attachment styles are formed. They discuss the benefits of secure relationships and what to do if you have an insecure attachment style or are in a relationship with an insecure partner. They also share personal stories of their own attachment styles and how they have navigated their own relationships. If you interested in learning more about adult attachment styles and the importance of human connection, give this episode a listen!

Check out Kristy on Instagram @uncommonwellness. Visit her website www.uncommon-wellness.com for more infomration about her nutrition services. For more information about her therapy practice, visit www.coastalcounselinggroup.com.

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