Spring Cleaning For Your Mind and Body

With the spring season newly upon us, it’s not uncommon to hear people discussing their plans for an annual “spring cleaning” of their homes and offices. When it comes to my own spring cleaning, I go for simplicity in the process: I ask myself: “Does this thing add value to my life?” If it does, I keep it. If it doesn’t, I let it go. The less excess and meaningless things I have in my physical space, the more room I create for that which inspires me, makes me feel healthy and creative.

Similarly, we can apply that same concept to our minds and bodies. Learning how to observe, assess, and shed what no longer serves us mentally and physically is a powerful process of self-discovery. It empowers us to surround ourselves with more of what brings us joy and fulfillment and shed the layers of what distracts us or prevents us from connecting with who we truly are and want to be. So, how can you spring clean your body and mind this month?

-Swap screen time for “me” time: Technology is a wonderful tool, but it can easily consume our lives and distract us from discovering what truly brings us fulfillment. Prioritize time for the things that make you feel good and bring joy to your life. Like picking up that guitar you’ve been meaning to practice, showing up at the dance class you love but make excuses to not go to, or taking a long walk around the neighborhood with a dear friend. If you don’t know what that is for you, make time to experiment and figure it out. When we swap out screen time for “me” time (even just 10 minutes a day), we swap out what is often mindless consumption for mindful stimulation. We can better connect with and discover that which inspires us and makes us more healthy, creative, and fulfilled individuals.

-Go outside with a beginner’s mind: Leave the phones at home and go for a walk around the block, try a new hike or bike ride, picnic in a favorite or new park. With spring flowers in bloom and new generations of animals hopping around, it’s a perfect excuse to get outside and discover your immediate physical environment. Undistracted time outside allows us to get in touch with our five senses and experience the present moment. It’s an opportunity to discover your own inner landscape of your psyche. Whether it’s a familiar place or a novel destination, get outside and soak it the environment with a beginner’s mind, noticing what sensations and thoughts come to mind. With all of the trails, beaches, parks, and mountains in San Diego, there are plenty of options to get out, explore and discover!

-Meditate. Meditate. Meditate.: I am a huge advocate for meditation and have found that a regular practice of it has changed the way I see what is worth holding onto (physically and emotionally) and what I can let go of because it doesn’t bring joy or peace to my life. Meditation allows you to dial inward and get past all of that excess “muck” in the mind to reach a place of observation and relaxation. This has been my greatest tool of self-discovery yet. Try sitting down for just 10 minutes a day. Apps like Insight Timer or Headspace have a ton of guided and non-guided options to get you started and keep you accountable. Also be sure to check out Wednesday night’s Mindful Movement class at SFC. It’s a perfect place to come if you’re looking for more guidance on how to meditate and/or shed the excess weight of your day so you can find more joy, relaxation, and peace in your body and mind.

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