Trending Tuesday 3/31/20

Video I am recommending: How To Master Mirror Image Exercises If you are looking to work on your posture from home, I strongly recommend the use of these powerful postural exercises.  For a list of “best practices” to improve your outcome and get the most out of your effort take a look at the linked video […]

Trending Tuesday 3/24/20

Home exercise for your spine I am recommending: “How To Get The Most Out of Your Home Traction” ~ Dr. Devin Shea D.C. While being at home the next few weeks (or more…) I wanted to give you guys a “how to” video for the perfect usage for your home traction orthotics.  If you do not […]

Trending Tuesday 3/17/20

Book I am reading:  The Story: The Bible as One Continuous Story of God and His People Have you ever felt ashamed that you haven’t read the bible because you can’t figure out what the heck they are talking about?  I have.  I was recently recommended this version of the bible and am loving it!  By […]

Trending Tuesday 3/10/20

Birthday I am celebrating: Top 10 truth’s I have picked up over my 40 years on earth Don’t take yourself too seriously. What you do regularly determines who you become. To be healthy you must focus on 4 things at the same time for a period of time; what you eat, how you move, your […]

Trending Tuesday 3/03/20

Race I am running in: Spring Sprint Triathlon In honor of my 40th birthday (on March 10th) and the one year anniversary of my back surgery (May 16th), I have signed up to do a sprint triathlon on May 2nd, 2020.  For about 6 months I have been feeling the need to do something that will signify […]

How to Sit in Stillness to Feel More Energized

Let’s face it, we all have suffered with low energy! I feel like all I hear nowadays is, “I am so tired!” Life IS crazy these day between having a job, providing for our families, managing the day to day tasks, being the taxi for our kids, and on top of all this, we are […]