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Race I am running inSpring Sprint Triathlon
In honor of my 40th birthday (on March 10th) and the one year anniversary of my back surgery (May 16th), I have signed up to do a sprint triathlon on May 2nd, 2020.  For about 6 months I have been feeling the need to do something that will signify that I have completely put this entire ordeal officially in my rear view mirror.  I finally got the nerve (haha) to click the purchase button this past weekend.  The distances for the event are as follows: swim 1/4 mile, bike 10 miles and run 3 miles.  So far I have been able to rope four of my neighbors into doing the event with me.  That being said, I would absolutely love it if you would join me too!  I totally get it if this isn’t your thing, but if you would like a little motivation and accountability, then please click on the link above for the event and sign up for our team (Team Snails Pace).  Here is a 10% off coupon code to entice you further: Race10. Cheers to saying “screw you” to being middle aged!

Exercise equipment I am using: Battle Rope
For my wife’s 40th birthday she asked for a battle rope to use during workouts in our garage.  I had no idea I would enjoy using them so much.  If you are looking for a good, spine safe, core strength workout, pick up these ropes and try to keep them moving for 20-30 seconds.  The rope comes in three different lengths (30, 40 and 50 feet) and two different widths (1 1/2 inch and 2 inch).  Enjoy the burn!

Quote I am loving: “How to be a triathlete; don’t drown, don’t crash, don’t walk.”
The last time I did a sprint triathlon was over a decade ago.  A whole lot of life has happened since then.  Kid’s, mortgage, my practice has grown, surgery and so much more.  All that being said, there is something magical about committing to something that you recognize will push you.  Our deepest desire is for safety and security and yet just outside our comfort zone lives some really amazing moments.  Every once in a while, make it a point to deliberately put yourself in hot water and be proud of who you are becoming by stepping into uncertainty!


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