How to Sit in Stillness to Feel More Energized

Let’s face it, we all have suffered with low energy! I feel like all I hear nowadays is, “I am so tired!” Life IS crazy these day between having a job, providing for our families, managing the day to day tasks, being the taxi for our kids, and on top of all this, we are supposed to be the perfect role model for everyone. That’s a lot to take on and for me, I was constantly tired battling my thyroid and hormone issues, somedays I could barely stay awake. ┬áSometimes, it was simply just the basic day-to-day things I could manage, like taking a shower and brushing my teeth. I had to tell myself that it was “OK” to rest and that I was doing the best I could.

However lately, I have really been focusing on how I can change this feeling of tiredness. As some of you know, I took some time off from ALCW, and I moved to Murrieta. I knew the commute was going to be tough, and I wasn’t sure I could do it. But what most of you don’t know is that I was focusing on myself. I know not everyone can take 9 months off, but you can take 1 hour a week to focus on yourself. I’m not talking about working out, or doing things that cause your body to work either. When I say focusing on myself, I’m talking about stopping and slowing down and allowing myself to just be. I would just sit and listen… no phone, no ear buds, no podcasts or books playing in the background, just literally sitting in silence. Sometimes I would find myself outside, or in my window looking out, or sometimes I would drive to the beach, or just sit in my hot tub. I truly was able to relax and let myself hear what I needed to hear, and I’m certain it has helped me heal and find a sense of peace. Let’s be real, we all need some friggin’ peace these days. So I’m asking you guys to schedule in 1 hour a week to just sit! Maybe just start with 20 minutes. You will feel so much better and over time, it will come a lot easier to sit with yourself in pure silence and peace.

Since I have been back at ALCW, I feel my sense of peace. I make sure to sit in the stillness almost daily. It has truly helped me feel alive and energized. So I’m inviting you to try it and see how you feel! Let me know how you do!

XOXO Jenny

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