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Dress shoes I am wearing:  Cole Haan Grand Pro Rally Laser Cut Sneaker The nature of my job is very physical.  I am always on my feet and moving throughout each day.  At the beginning of my career, I wore clunky, uncomfortable dress shoes.  My feet ached, my plantar fascia was tight, and it felt like I was wearing two anchors.  In contrast the last few years I have been wearing the aforementioned Cole Haan sneakers.  They are feather-light, comfortable, and durable.  I love how this type of footwear has become an acceptable option for a professional work environment.  If you are in need of a shoe for work, church, weddings, etc. give this one a shot!  Research I am reading: A comparison of two forward head posture corrective approaches in elderly with chronic non-specific neck pain: A randomized controlled trial.  Journal of Clinical Medicine Jan 9, 2023 I often get asked if it is possible to correct forward head posture by just doing exercises.  My answer is always no.  Making structural changes to the spine is harder to create than people often think.  This randomized controlled trial is the perfect example of why exercises only are ineffective in correcting this all too common postural problem.  The researchers broke up the participants into two groups.  One received the type of care that I often provide at Aligned Life which includes adjustments, postural exercises, traction, home traction, and body position habit correction.  The other received postural exercises only.  Both groups were treated three times per week for six weeks.  Both groups saw an improvement in the range of motion of their necks and pain reduction.  However, the group that received care similar to Aligned Life protocols saw a statistically significant reduction in forward head posture.  They also were able to maintain their health improvements at the three-month follow-up after the study was completed without any other treatment.  The exercise-only group at the three-month follow-up had returned to the baseline.  This study highlights what I have witnessed for 15 years taking care of patients with forward head posture.  It initially takes more time and focus but the long-standing correction is worth the effort!   Quote I am loving: "Good shoes take you to good places." ~ Seohyun This might be an old-school thought, but my mom always told me that you could tell a lot about a person by looking at their shoes.  As an athlete and someone who listens to people every day

Nutritional practice I am trying: 48-hour fast For the first time in 42 years, I finally gave my body a chance to recover from all the food I had shoveled in my mouth. I was able to successfully fast for 2 days while only consuming water and decaffeinated tea. I was inspired to do this challenge after watching the show Limitless with Chris Hemsworth on Netflix (the actor who plays Thor in the Marvel movies).  My goal was to give my body a chance to wipe out some of the old, damaged cells that can lead to cancer and other diseases in the future.  I also wanted to give my digestive tract a break from having to process food around the clock for decades.  Below is a list of the changes I noticed during the 48 hours of not eating food. Reduced patience The smell of my breath changed Less energy Increased sense of smell Increased gratitude for being able to eat on a daily basis Time slows down I lost 5 lbs over the two days Staying busy helps to occupy your mind The realization that I normally consume way too much food Fasting with other people (thanks to my wife and best friends who did this with me) helps a lot. Overall the fast was a lot harder and a lot easier than I thought.  Harder, in that on the second night, I woke up at 1 AM and couldn't go back to sleep for an hour due to hunger.  Rough

Zoom I am teaching: Creating Space To Thrive: The Mind Each year I create a theme for the Aligned Life Community.  My goal is to help you focus on making each successive year the healthiest yet.  This year our focus will be on creating space to thrive.  Each quarter we will dive into a different space of our lives in which we need to bring intention and energy.  The first quarter space will be in the mind.  Developing a compelling vision of our future to give us motivation, setting boundaries, creating goals, identifying priorities and other key topics will be reviewed.  To kick start this theme and to create a forum for discussion I will be hosting a free zoom introducing these thoughts on Tuesday, January 17th at 6 pm.  If you are interested there is a signup sheet at the front desk or you can email the team at and we will share the webinar link with you.  My hope is to inspire and direct you toward a tremendous 2023! Television program I am recommending: Limitless with Chris Hemsworth Have you ever watched the Marvel superhero movies?  Do you like the character Thor?  If so, you will love the new show I am watching called Limitless on Disney Plus.  Chris Hemsworth, the actor who plays the part of Thor, goes on a journey to try to find strategies that will help him live a better, longer life.  In this six-part documentary-style show Hemsworth, with the help of a number of experts, discuss stress management, muscular strength, hot and cold exposure, fasting, memory, and acceptance of death.  I found this program to be very entertaining, informative, and inspiring.  This could be just the motivation you need to get your year and your health on track! Quote I am loving: "Live every day to the fullest" ~ Chris Hemsworth in LimitlessIn the final episode of the aforementioned tv show, Hemsworth is challenged to look at the topic of dying and death.  His goal is to be able to find acceptance for this natural life process and then use that perspective in his daily life.  On his journey through this six-episode show, Hemsworth is made aware that he has a strong genetic predisposition toward Alzheimer's disease.  After the tv program had completed filming, Hemsworth announced that he was going to take some time away from acting.  I believe that he was given a chance to reprioritize his life and accordingly decided to

Challenge I am completing: No Personal Purchases For One Year In January 2022 I mentioned on Trending Tuesday that I had set a goal of zero personal purchases for one year.  This challenge was set in reaction to my belief that the world has become far too materialistic.  Well, the final tally for the past 365 days is in and I have spent a total of $200 on myself.  To be clear, this was money spent on non-essential purchases.  The result was not perfect, but it was a massive improvement over previous years.  Overall, this process made me aware of a few things.  One, the people who I care about absolutely DO NOT care what clothes I wear, old and very used are just fine.  Two, I was previously preoccupied with shopping for things, whether I needed them or not, almost constantly.  And three, I don't regret NOT buying anything from the past year.  If you are wondering what I did buy, it was the following; a pair of hiking boots, a Joshua Tree T-shirt when we visited the national park (which was promptly eaten by my washing machine and made unwearable), and a package of socks and underwear.  If in evaluating yourself, you decide that you too have a shopping challenge, I strongly encourage you to try to go one month without buying anything that is not completely necessary.  My sincere hope is that it will provide you with similar insight as I have gained and you will want to continue beyond the one-month mark! Book I am reading: Hunt, Gather, Parent by Michaeleen Ducleef In evaluating my own children, spending time with their friends, and in hearing stories about my patient's children I have become concerned about the strategies and belief systems we are using to raise the next generation.  In my opinion, kids seem fragile, disconnected, and unprepared to deal with the harsh realities of the real world.  In an attempt to find a better mindset and tactics, I began listening to Ducleef's text.  The author, a mother of a three-year-old, seeks to find improved parenting strategies by seeking out mothers from different cultures from around the world.  Getting kids to help with chores without nagging, taking an active role in family communication, and stopping spending all their time watching a screen are all challenges Ducleef addresses in her book.  I believe it is not too late for our young ones.  I also believe it is the parent's responsibility to

Twelve days of Christmas list I am loving: The 12 Things I Can't Live Without Just for fun this week I wanted to use a format I saw in a recent YouTube video from GQ magazine.  In these 10-minute segments, they ask musicians and celebrities to show and describe the 10 things they cannot live without.  I thought it was really fun to hear what and why they chose each item.  I have modified this concept to fit the 12 Days of Christmas theme, here goes; Garmin Watch: My family bought me the Garmin Fenix 5 Plus Sapphire in black last year for my birthday.  I track all of my fitness efforts on it, it uploads directly to Strava and I love the durability and look. Exercise Shoes: I have been wearing the Adidas Ultraboost in navy for the last two years.  I have logged hundreds of running miles in these.  They are comfy and durable. Backpack: I bought the 5.11 Tactical Rush24 2.0 Backpack 37 liter in black about 4 years ago.  It looks the same as the day I bought it despite wearing it every day to work, on hikes, and to the beach.  It has tons of secret pockets, one soft pocket for my sunglasses, and a place to add a plate for Rucking (hiking with a weight plate). Coffee: I am relatively addicted to coffee.  I love Peets Coffee.  Especially their Organic French Roast.  I recommend buying the big bag and saving on the cost! Wetsuit: I love body surfing, boogie boarding, surfing, and ocean swimming.  I wear the Xterra Vortex wetsuit that is made specifically for triathlon.  It is a pretty incredible value at only $149. Volleyball: As a previous Division 1 volleyball player at UC Irvine I always want to have a ball handy in case a game breaks out!  My boys and I play in the backyard with this beach version from Mikasa. Sonos Speakers:  I love reggae music and always have it playing around my home, in my bedroom, and in the backyard.  The Sonos system allows me to have the same or different music playing throughout. Chips, Salsa, and a Burrito:  My favorite food is Mexican.  Growing up in San Diego, I consider myself a burrito conisour.  My all-time favorite is at a locals-only spot at the premade counter at Seaside Market.  My favorite salsa is called Nopalito.  Delicious! Book: My favorite book has the worst title of all-time, Atomic Habits.  If you want to improve yourself next year,

Holiday gift I am recommending: Hyperice Hypervolt 2.0 and Go One of the most sought after self-care tools in my families arsenal is the Hypervolt percussion massage gun.  Whether working on my lower back, shoulders or legs and feet, these devices are great at reducing muscular soreness and tension.  If you are in need of a great holiday gift for a loved one that is health focused, consider picking up one of these in the office at your next visit.  Mention you read this Trending Tuesday and get 10% off! Message I am sending: Health Focused Holiday Season A phenomenon I have witnessed year after year  is the lack of self-care during the holiday season leading to sickness.  Remember, it is your job to put your body in an environment to heal and build your health.  If you decide to drink alcohol in excess, eat sugar in excess, miss your adjustments, not get adequate sleep, stress out about buying gifts you can’t afford and obligate your time to people you don’t want to hang out with, then don’t complain about how you got sick during some of your only vacation time for the year.  In contrast, I suggest being much more intentional with your decisions and time.  Spend time with people who build you up, stay in your budget, eat food that nourishes you, get an extra adjustment or massage and take a nap!  You will feel far better prepared to start 2023 off on the right foot. Quote I am loving: “As we struggle with shopping lists and invitations, compounded by Decembers bad weather, it is good to be reminded that there are people in our lives who are worth this aggravation, and people to whom we are worth the same.” ~ Donald Westlake This week I was intimately reminded, due to a loss in my wife’s family, of the only thing that is really important in life.  The relationships we have with our loved ones is worth the extra effort to be with each other.  Memories, not things need to be the focus of this season.  Reach out to your people, tell them you love them and experience the feeling of connection as we conclude 2022! Have a kick ass week everyone! In Health, Dr. Devin Shea, DC

Self-care strategy I am implementing: MELT Method I am unsure whether it is because I am getting older or running longer distances, but either way, I have been experiencing more foot pain and cramping lately.  To combat this I have been utilizing the MELT method with some stretches for the lower leg.  The MELT method utilizes a lacrosse ball with a series of pressure points at the bottom of the foot, done in a specific order, to produce a relaxation effect.  The link above will show you how to do this type of work yourself.   The best part about spending time doing this technique is how much improvement you will feel immediately after you are done.  Amazing! Exercises I am doing: Spinal strength exercises After spending 15 years bending over chiropractic tables I have realized that I need to revamp my posture.  To do this I believe that three strength-based exercises are very important.  The best part about these movements is that they are relatively low-risk exercises when done on an exercise ball due to their generally neutral spine position.  I start with back extensions, then move to prone "T's", and finish with head retractions against an exercise band, doing three sets of ten for each exercise.  If you are in pain currently, please wait until these can be done without discomfort.  Otherwise, I encourage you to add these to your existing exercise regimen and watch how your body holds itself more upright without having to force the position! Quote I am loving: "Self-care is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation." ~ Audre LordeIt is my sincere hope that by working with me and the team at Aligned Life you will decide to change the way you look at how you take care of yourself.  It is imperative to shift your thinking from a reactionary version of healthcare to one that is preventative.  By consistently evaluating your overall health, looking for weak points, and addressing them, it is much easier to avoid a catastrophic injury or disease.  As we wrap up 2022, make sure to take time and evaluate your personal health, decide what daily habits you need to implement in order to have the healthiest year yet, and get to work! Have a kick ass week everyone! In Health, Dr. Devin Shea, DC

Country I am visiting: Costa Rica This past week my family and I headed to Central America to visit Costa Rica.  I always get the most excited about travel when the language, money, food, culture, and environment are different from my norm.  This was all of those things and much more!  Highlights included Casado, the traditional meal consisting of rice and beans, fried plantains, cheese, protein, and Lizano salsa.  We also experienced two adrenaline-filled days of zip-lining and waterfall repelling.  Lastly, we ended up on the coast, to hang out on the beach with the howler monkeys, sloths, and scarlet macaws.  If you are looking for an adventure-based trip, and you don't mind a little rain, this may be the next best option for your next travel plans! Charity I am encouraging: Toys For Tots This holiday season Aligned Life will be a drop-off location for new, unwrapped gifts to donate to our military families in San Diego through Toys For Tots.  This is a program that our community has been supporting for over a decade with fantastic success.  If interested, please bring your donations to the office at your next adjustment or massage!  As always, thank you for your generosity! Quote I am repeating: "Pura Vida" ~ all Costa Ricans Similar to the word "aloha" in Hawaii, Costa Ricans use the phrase "Pura Vida", meaning pure life, in most conversations.  I love the connotation of encouraging a free and quality existence for all.  This week, I encourage you to think about what it would mean for you and your loved ones to live in the style of Pura Vida.  Suggestions for this way of living would include eating a clean and fresh diet, exercising in a way that fills your soul not just burns calories, or spending time drinking an incredible cup of coffee while chatting with a friend.  Remember, this is your life and accordingly, you are the creator.  Choose a life that excites you! Have a kick ass week everyone! In Health, Dr. Devin Shea, DC

Action step I am taking: Year-End Goal Setting Meeting In preparation for 2023, now is the time to schedule a meeting with your family, co-workers, teammates, etc to set the vision for next year.  My family uses credit card points to get a hotel room for one night.  During this time, we use it to discuss our individual goals and the goals the family would like to achieve.  This includes any travel plans, educational requirements, kids' sports teams, and home improvement projects.  This could also be done in one afternoon at a coffee shop, co-work space or anywhere else you find relaxing and inspiring. Take your life seriously, get a plan and create a compelling vision for your future. This week, set aside time to identify a day and time that you will work on your goal-setting meeting! Charity I am encouraging: Canned Food Drive For San Diego Food Bank I cannot believe that it is already that time again already.  Time to collect donations for the Aligned Life Canned Food Drive to help support the San Diego Food Bank.  Last year we successfully donated 109 lbs of food.  This year our goal is to eclipse that number.  That being said, due to some time away from the office the week before Thanksgiving, our collection time frame has been shortened.  This means that we need quick action from each of you that are interested in donating.  Our final date of collection will be Monday, Nov 14th.  Take a look in your pantry and on your shelves, identify if there is any non-expired food item you do not want anymore, and bring it to the office.  As always, I am grateful and inspired by your generosity! Quote I am repeating: "Poverty is a very complicated issue, but feeding a child is not." ~ Jeff Bridges One of the reasons Aligned Life has been participating in a canned food drive for over a decade is that it is a realistic and tangible way for everyone to experience the joy of giving.  I believe that a part of living an "Aligned Life" is thinking of others.  Fame, money, materials, and titles are all things we are taught to strive for, however, none of them provide the same deep satisfaction that comes from being of service to your community.  This week, if you are in a position to do so, please consider finding the attention and time to donate to a very

Show I am watching: Sparking Joy with Marie KondoThis week I began watching a show on Netflix all about a five-step process to clean up your physical environment.  The environment could be your house, office, garage, back yard or anywhere else you spend time.  At first glance this does not sound like a topic that relates to your health, however, after watching the transformation the people on the program go through you may think differently.  The stress, anxiety, and lack of focus displayed by these individuals due to their cluttered spaces absolutely take away from their health and vitality.  After using Kondo's process, you can see the difference in their physical bodies and behaviors.  If you are looking for inspiration, direction, and a feeling of connectedness, give this one a watch! Book I am recommending: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo The book that started it all for Kondo, was one that I highlighted here on Trending Tuesday years ago.  That being said it is an absolute classic with timeless wisdom.  If you watch the aforementioned program and want more specifics on how to transform your space and stress levels, this short read is fantastic. Quote I am loving: "Imagine yourself living in a space that only contains things that spark joy!" ~ Marie Kondo One of my biggest takeaways from watching Marie's show and reading her book is that she has found the secret to enjoying the seemingly mundane tasks of everyday life.  The way she has done this is by eliminating everything that takes away from what she loves.  This includes the physical spaces as well as the mental and emotional ones too.  Think about it, if all you did all day long was focus on nurturing the things that inspire you, even things that on the outside may appear boring may actually be fantastic.  This week, identify one thing that sparks joy inside you and do something to nurture it!  This is time well spent. Have a kick ass week everyone! In Health, Dr. Devin Shea, DC