Ep. 27: Run The Other Way

On this week’s episode of The Aligned Life Podcast, Dr. Shea & Rachel are discussing the controversial concept of “running the other way” in regards to society and your health. Running with the rest of culture can lead down a path of disease and unhappiness and we should be questioning society and the norms happening in our world today. They dive deep into the importance of in person, face-to-face communication rather than following the social norms of texting and emailing, particularly in regards to advocating for your health. They discuss the comparison trap happening with social media, which can interfere with our ability to live authentic lives. They also chat about how our healthcare systems are designed to medicate, rather than treat the root cause, which further disconnects us from our own bodies. If you’re looking to live an aligned life, know yourself deeper, listen to your body, be long term focus and have meaningful relationships, you won’t want to miss this episode.

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