Ep. 28: Awaken Your Inner Hero with Guest Dr. Chris Zaino

Today on The Aligned Life Podcast, Dr. Shea and Rachel are chatting with special guest, Dr. Chris Zaino. Dr. Chris is a world-renowned speaker, former Mr. America, chiropractor, entrepreneur and Hero. After being diagnosed with irreversible ulcerative colitis, he defied all conventional medical interventions and cured himself through chiropractic care and mind-body healing. Dr. Chris shares his story of how he overcame this deadly disease and went on to open one of the most successful chiropractic clinics in the world. He discusses how he has leveraged his experiences, both personally and professionally to help thousands of others learn mindset and health principles to take control of their health. His overall mission is to help others awaken their inner Hero and get back to who they were innately destined to be. He believes everyone is born with greatness and capable of reaching Hero potential. This is a great interview and you won’t be the same after listening.

Check out Dr. Chris Zaino’s website by clicking here!

Find Dr. Zaino on instagram @drzaino

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