Ep. 44: Dr. Amy Chadwick on Living in Balance, Ayurvedic Medicine & Determining Your Dosha Type

Special guest, Dr. Amy Chadwick joins The Aligned Life Podcast to chat all about how to live in balance and harmony with Ayurvedic medicine and knowing your Dosha type. Dr. Amy, Rachel and Dr. Shea dive deep into discussion about the different Dosha types, how to determine which Dosha type you are, the nutritional and lifestyle recommendations that can best support your Dosha type and what to do when your Dosha becomes imbalanced. For a fun episode packed with a ton of health recommendations and some good laughs, give this episode a listen!

Dr. Amy Chadwick is located in Encinitas, CA and has been in private practice for 12 years serving patients of all ages and stages of life. Dr. Chadwick teaches, lectures and writes on a diverse range of topics including plant medicine, sound healing, energetics, holding space in the doctor/patient relationship, philosophy, integrative physiology and systems biology. For more information about Dr. Amy and her private practice, visit www.soaringcraneclinic.com and check out her instagram at @amychadwicknd

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