Ep. 65: Dr. Kory Grahl on Alleviating Head, Neck & Back Pain Through Physiologic Dentistry

On this week’s episode of The Aligned Life Podcast, we’re chatting with special guest, Dr. Kory Grahl.  Dr. Kory is a dentist in Austin Texas and works with patients on relieving their head, neck and back pain through correcting their bite. Dr. Kory shares why it’s important for the teeth and jaw to be in harmony and how the muscles in the jaw must be in balance in order to alleviate pain. Listen to this episode to learn more about the field of physiologic dentistry and how this may be a solution for your headaches, migraines, neck and/or back pain.

Website: thehillsdentalspa.com

Instagram: @dr_korygrahl / @thehillsdentalspa

Facebook Page for Pain Patients:

– Highly trained and certified doctors to help patients get out of pain. Founder of LVI on there all the time as it is his mission.


LVI Website:

– Link to find physiologic dentist near them.


– San Diego Specifically


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