Ep. 66: Turning Dreams into Reality + Our Holiday Gift Guide

On today’s episode of The Aligned Life Podcast, we’re chatting all about the new changes in the clinic, our rebrand, and all the hard work that went into creating Dr. Shea’s dream wellness clinic.  Dr. Shea gets emotional as he shares how his vision came to life and expresses his gratitude for his wolf pack who supported and helped him every step of the way.  We’re also sharing our must have gifts for the holiday season; what’s on our list and why experiences are sometimes the best gift that you can give and/or receive.

Products mentioned:

Nut milk bag

Air fryer

Wushtof knives set

Soap Dispenser

Cave bed

Dog bed

Native deodorant

Blue blocking glasses

Car air vent phone holder

Class pass

Suja wellness shots

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