How to Implement Habits to Reach Your Destination


It is said that habits are permanent after 90 days of consecutive action, while a lifestyle is created after 200 days of consecutive subconscious action. Habits are a medium for us to measure the progress of the action steps we take towards achieving our goals. As the months go by, our resolutions to make changes this year become solidified as we focus on what habitual changes we need to make to become the person that LIVES with the goals that we wish to accomplish. The steps to get to our destination goal is akin to the steps needed to have a great time on vacation! Some people require planning to visit all the historical landmarks they want to see in Europe, others play it by ear.

What are my destinations?

In my early twenties, I was the person that wanted to have the least amount of stress when going on vacations. No plan, just some funds and be able to relax. At the end of my trips, I was always regretful about the lack of action to see historical places that may not be there tomorrow. As I got older, I began to divulge in my interests on historical venues and wanted to start seeing as many destinations as I can without making a vacation stressful. The amount of planning required to get to the destinations I want to, is the same amount of planning needed to reach your goals!

I like to keep things simple, I first identify my goal(destination). Then I break down the steps from that goal, to see what steps I need to get to that goal. For example, if I wanted to get to the Eiffel Tower in by the end of the year, my steps would be made backwards.

  1. Arrive at the Eiffel tower

  2. Train to Paris, France

    1. Figure out when, where, and how much

  3. Take a plane to London, Great Britain

    1. Figure out how I’m going to pay for that, when to take off, how many days of travel will I be needing

  4. Start saving money TODAY!

    1. What percentage of my paycheck do I need to save in order to make $1000 for travel costs, room and board, and food.

  5. Figure out what changes to my routine do I need to do in order for me to be able to save

    1. Figure out what I CANNOT change

      1. Bills, rainy day fund savings, devoted study time.

  6. Eat out less, make my own coffee, minimize my gas usage

  7. What steps can I implement today to start saving

    1. Drink less coffee, drive less/more efficiently, make my own lunches and dinner!

As you can see from the example above, breaking down bigger goals into steps that are easy to implement into your daily routine is key to building up your mindset into making lifestyle changes! I feel that every goal is attainable, ESPECIALLY when you have the opportunity to sit down to break down and plan the steps. I believe each and everyone of you will achieve and surpass your most passionate goal.

  • Adrian

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