Move Into March With Motivation

Are we keeping up with our action steps for reaching our 2018 goals?  As months go on, we can sometimes lose motivation for achieving the goals we’ve set.  It’s March and it’s time to be checking in on those goals we made for 2018.  Some of us may be stuck or not progressing towards these goals so, here are a few steps to take ACTION and stay focused!
Step 1- Start small.  Take 1 goal and break it down into small, actionable steps.  I like to set up daily, weekly, and monthly intentions.  Focus on your daily actions.  For some, a goal is hard to achieve because maybe it is not realistic in a set time frame.  In order to achieve these goals, take small steps every day, which will add up immensely over time.
Step 2- Don’t be afraid to re-evaluate and change your goals.  Every day is dynamic in nature and nothing is set in stone. I say this with caution as long as your goals stay true to your vision.  We don’t want to lose sight of what we want. Stay focused and recognize when a goal no serves your purpose.
Step 3- Keep track of your achievements.  Just knowing that you have fulfilled a goal gives you more motivation to pursue your vision.  Having a sense of accomplishment will drive you towards meeting more goals.  I say this very loudly, CELEBRATE YOURSELF! I prefer to jump up and down!
Step 4- Embrace the process and give yourself-grace.

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