Seeking Guidance and Mentorship

Whether you’re passionate about health, a certain hobby, your profession, or learning new skills – the process of being equipped with insight to problems you first encounter is a vital tool to have as we traverse through life. Here at Aligned Life Chiropractic & Wellness, we challenge our community to be the best and healthiest version of themselves. This outlook on life can be daunting to some due to the seemingly unknown path it takes to reach new heights.

As soon as we develop into childhood from babies, human development is centered around one’s self purpose. As a child, it is to be an observational learner. This sense of purpose changes as we hit adolescence, where we truly seek a mentor for the passions that create excitement in the adolescent life. When we reach the age of a young adult, our purpose begins to form around what identity we see ourselves as and how the world around us see’s our identity. From adulthood to our last days, our purpose becomes how to continue to contribute to the community we care about and live the best days of being a mentor.

Throughout each stage of seeking purpose, we will inevitably run into decisions that will be the driving factor to being successful achieving our purpose. Mentors are there to help in your decision making process to allow you to grow with the foundation of experience from somebody that is a little further along in your goals than you are. 

We can look at this like Isaac Newton’s idea of gravity and planetary orbit was far fetched and not accepted during his discovery. Imagine if his studies were never accepted by society and mankind had to continually discover why objects fell. The future Isaac Newton’s would continually be dismissed and our development of knowledge would be stunted.

Regarding my personal career, I have always had a direct or indirect mentor that I have learned from. Starting in undergrad, I was lucky to find a mentor to help guide my study habits to the level required for university. He had introduced me to another mentor that was more Aligned with my career. My second mentor had shown me the path he was taking to get into grad school, and I would not have ever applied to the grad school I currently attend without him making me realize I was capable of a graduate program. Now that I am in grad school, I am still realizing that mentors can be there for extensive advice, or sometimes it’s enough to learn a lesson that can be taught in a couple sentences. 

Mentorship is also a two-way street of learning. Mentees allow a mentor continuity with their perspective through the lens of an aspiring mentee. Teaching vital skills and the importance of a particular mindset allows the mentor to view their ideas in third person. Self reflection by the mentor creates an opportunity of further critical thinking to refine the common passion.

To the Aligned Life community, I am confident that you all are passionate about a particular career or hobby and I challenge you to be inviting a mentee and to seek guidance from a mentor. Knowledge is powerful and the transition of applicable knowledge to new situations is what we all need during this time. Put in the effort to progress things you are passionate about, even if you/your mentor won’t see the outcome.

“Blessed are those who plant trees whose shade they will never sit.” -Indian Proverb

-By Adrian Sotalbo

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